Monday, May 31, 2010

Before we knew it

The Neighborhood party went real well. There were only two families that came. Our neighbors, who also worked on the garage, and the family that comes to the bible study that we know well. It worked out perfectly because it was not up to us to keep the conversation going, we could just listen and add comments here and there. It was a lot less stressful that way. Before we knew it, it was 9 in the evening. Saturday we also decided that we would visit a church near Toulouse. Angie had mentioned to me that she wanted to find some english speaking kids for ours to play with occasionally. We contacted a pastor that we had connections throught the language school and visited in their services. We had a good time, we even met the man who started the church 32 years ago. After services we ate with the Pastor and his family, who are missionaries from America, invited us to their house for supper. We enjoyed the time getting to know them better. They have been in France for 11 years and had a lot of good advice concerning life in France from the American Missionaries perspective. We discussed a lot about ministry in France as well. Once again before we knew it, it was 5:00. We enjoyed the 2 hour drive home, nice scenery and the kids all took naps. Coquelicot. This is the name of a wildflower, called a poppy in English, that we have seen all over in France. We pulled over this morning and picked some for Lilia. She said their teacher told them to bring some to school. I am wondering what they need them for. As it is almost the first of the month, I will be getting our finances in order and working on our monthly report, which if you would like to receive just let me know. How about another Micah quote, I haven't posted one in a while, but he is still coming out with them. This morning he suddenly said, "Let's have a picnic by the lake, we can chase squirrels and run over dogs." God bless, JASON

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