Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another week has passed.

It has been over a week since my last blog. My apologies. This week has been packed full it seems like. Saturday we got our Visa renewal paperwork filled out and sent off. Services went good last Sunday, we volunteered to keep the nursery, which we will be doing tomorrow. We have had a lot of homework this week from school, which has kept us busy in the evenings. Wednesday morning, I had a meeting with my teacher to look over my sermon for Friday, Angie went shopping, Lilia had a dentists appointment and I had a phone call with a member of Greater Europe Mission for over an hour, and all that was before noon. Afterwards I went to Paris and met Chad, his wife and two kids. He is a pastor who is going to Kenya to visit their Missionaries - the Taylors, who are good friends of ours. We had a good time in Paris and then headed to our place to eat. On the way here there was an announcement that there had been an accident at the train station nearest our house. We excited one stop earlier and walked. Come to found out someone had jumped in front of the coming train and committed suicide. We enjoyed a good meal and visit with them. Thursday night, I finished the last touches on my sermon and went to bed early. Friday we had some language school friends over for lunch. The sermon went well. This was the first sermon in French that Angie has heard me preach. It is the fourth one I have given at the language school but Angie has never been able to make it for various reasons. I will post the sermon soon. Friday night, several couples and individuals volunteered to watch all the kids so the parents could go out. The ended up watching 14 kids. Angie and I and another couple, took a train to Antony (next town up, about a mile up the road) and ate at a restaurant there and took the bus back. We had a good time and visit and really appreciate those who gave us this opportunity by watching our kids from 6 to 10. Brave. This morning I got our finances all straightened out for the month and got a door hung in the bathroom. Caleb lost one of his bottom teeth this morning as well. I am thankful because it had been annoying him. I will attache a picture that Chad drew of Lilia while he was here. It only took about 20 minutes and he did a good job. God bless, JASON

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration perspective.

We got into a conversation in class yesterday about the inauguration. The person who covered the event for France TV (I think it was the prime minister) made several observations that showed the difference in thinking between a christian nation and a secular one. He alluded to it making no sense to swear on a bible. He said that Rick Warren was a conservative pastor. He also said that Aretha Franklin's singing was like the "incantations" that they sing in church. Certainly points out the different point of view. I fell down the stairs at the language school yesterday as well. Thankfully just some bruises and nobody saw me. I had a good conversation this week with a representative for Greater Europe Mission. We had a good visit. Please join us in praying for he Lord to show us which organization He has for us to partner with to get our residence visa in France. We went to the zoo again to see the animals but they it didn't work out once again. They said that it was the city that claimed that without discussing it with the circus first. But we did get to walk around and see some animals from outside the fence. We saw seals, lions, tigers, leopard, and a huge cow. They kids then got to play at the park for a little bit. The park is next to a big hill and it is really cold with the wind blowing. A pastor friend of ours will be visiting some this next week with his family, we look forward to seeing them. Attached is a picture of Andrew over a year ago, when we at a conference and he fell asleep after eating. God bless, JASON

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One thing leads to another.

We got several things done today. Soon after I woke up, I went to school to have student/teacher time. You can sign up for these moments throughout the week. They are one on one time with the teacher answering any questions and helping out in any way you need it. They are very helpful. I was asking about pronounciation on a couple of songs. Tomorrow, I will be leading the music during our chapel service and want to pronounce things right. After that I went to the Post Office to mail a book to some missionary friends in Kosovo. I only had to wait about 20 minutes. Afterwards I practiced the songs for tomorrow some. After lunch, macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, I worked on Angie's computer. I got it connected to the internet and it has been giving us some problems with internet explorer. I decided to download the firefox browser and then had to update a couple of other items, which required me to download winzip. One thing led to another. But a success, because I am doing this blog on Angie's computer. Afterwards I had a phone call with a man from an organization that we are considering partnering with. Then, I went to the grocery store and helped Angie make supper, gave two boys a bath. Angie has gone to help out a new student with some homework. I will start my homework after this and then gather some visa paperwork together.
A couple of items for prayer, we are currently searching for a group to invite us into the country for us to get our resident visa, prayer that we will find the organization that God will want us to have. Also be in prayer for our schooling, we are in our last six months stretch, pray that we will learn all that we can and also that the funds will be present to finish paying for school in a timely manner.
I will finish up with a Andrew quote this time. The 2 1/2 year old walked in with a small blanket wrapped around him like a cape. "Are you Batman?" I asked. "No", he said, "I cold". God bless, JASON

Monday, January 19, 2009

Looking to the next puddle.

Hello again. Our weekend went well. It was nice to have health returned to the family. Angie and I enjoyed our date night Friday. We went out and eat and then went to talk to several friends at the language school for a couple of hours. Our thanks goes to Katie and Michael who watched the kids and even put them to bed. Saturday we planned on going to see the circus animals. Massy has a huge international circus and it was announced at the language school that we could take the kids to see the animals on Saturday or Sunday. We went to find out that the announcement was false, it was the following weekend. We let the kids play in the park and headed home and let them watch a movie. Saturday night Andrew had a fever. The night passed slowly with several interruptions. I took the three older kids to church Sunday. Andrew seemed to be doing okay by Sunday night. I was noticing something that caught my attention Saturday while I was walking home with Andrew. He loves to stomp in the puddles. He walks with one hand holding on to the stroller and he knows not to let go. So, as we walk I dodge the puddles as best I can so that they are out of his reach. He tries stretching for them, but usually he passes by without success. The first puddle he missed he looked back at it after we passed long enough that he missed another puddle, but every other one following that he missed stomping in he would just look on to the next puddle. That impressed me. Several times I get caught looking back at the puddles I have passed (opportunities missed). It is possible to miss more opportunities because you get caught looking at the puddles behind you. Our time would be better spent looking at the puddle we can see in front of us, not the ones behind and not the ones in front of us that we can't see yet. Why does he continue to try for those puddles, because he remembers those times he gets to land in one. I was wanting to include in that illustration something about how when he stomps in one I get splashed as well, but I think I would be dragging the puddle illustration out a little too much. I received word this past weekend that a pastor friend of ours is going to be laying over in Paris a couple of days on his way to visit his missionary in Kenya. We look forward to that puddle. Attached picture is of Andrew after desert one night, another puddle he enjoyed. God bless, JASON

Friday, January 16, 2009

That's how it is.

I went this morning to get our driver's license exchanged. Thankfully a former student gave me a ride. It would have been a much longer trip. We got their early and didn't have to wait in line long. It went well, however I did not leave with a French license. They explained that the date of the Driver's license must be before the date of the Visa. So I must wait until we get a new visa (it expires Feb. 11). At least that is the idea now. You do not realize how easy you have it in the US until you move to a foreign country. The official Internet site gave no such information and no phone number to call to ask. I did find out that students can drive in the country while they are in school with their US driver's license. So we try again in a couple of months.
Micah is still coughing so Angie missed school all week. She was able to keep up with her homework and so there is not a lot of catch up work to do. Tonight a friend offered us a coupon for a free meal and free babysitting, so Angie and I are going to go out on a date. Finish off with a Micah quote. Yesterday morning, Micah's first words were, "Is it today?" God bless, JASON

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Attaché à la croix pour moi.

It has been a few days since we last wrote. Sunday at church the service went well. When they took the Lord's supper. This time they gave anyone a chance to say something in praise as a prayer that they are thankful to God for. I liked the idea and the responses gave us good things to think about.
Angie has stayed home the last couple of days with Micah and Andrew who have been a little sick. Last night we got a babysitter and got our picture for our driver's license that I will be going to get Friday (we hope). We also did a little shopping and stopped by McDonald's. I had seen an advertisement for a new burger the Big Tasty. It said that it had a taste of America. The advertisement worked because I wanted one. We picked one up, which Angie and I shared. It was good. Great sauce and cheese.
This morning I attended a funeral service for a friend, Siby (pronounced C.B.). I knew him as the elderly man who lived at Les Cedres. I spoke to him several times. He was quiet and in the last few months in bad health. He passed away and the funeral service was today. There were not a lot at the service at the crematorium, a few students, teachers and former students. I learned that he was from the Ivory Coast. He moved to France about 50 years ago. His family was Muslim and when he converted to Christianity they had no more to do with him. He lived alone at Les Cedres for over 40 years, working at the local grocery store (Cora) until retirement. In his younger years he would play ping pong with the other students. He was quiet about his past and some who had known him for years did not know much about him. A couple of former students spoke about him, a devotional was given and a little about his life. It was said during the Lord's supper he would always request the song "Attaché à la croix pour moi" (attached to the cross for me). We sang the song and closed in prayer. Everyone went forward and took a handful or rose pedals and tossed them on the coffin that was placed there for him.
After I got back home, I had my favorite meal of hot dogs, complete which chili (thanks to our church). Then I played a board game with Lilia, on the condition that she help me with my homework. Now am getting some paperwork done, preparing for our survey trip to Limoux at the end of February, and reports and stuff. I just read the report from Joel Cobbs who serves in Kenya. I have always admired and looked up to him. Years ago we were church members together. He has had a wonderful ministry in Africa. You can read his latest report at I'm sure it will be a blessing as it was for me.
Attached picture was taken at the nursery in the language school in June of last year, Andrew is the only one still there. He said goodbye to Adelaide (2nd from the left) just after Christmas. God bless, JASON

Saturday, January 10, 2009


The first great news is that Caleb accepted Christ as his savior Thursday night. The evening devotional that we had was when Abraham was asked to offer his only son Isaac. He asked several good questions afterwards and was obviously feeling convicted. When I went passed his room later that night he was praying in his bed. He told us in the morning that he had asked Jesus to save him. Awesome!

The cold weather is still hanging out. Wednesday was the coldest day in Paris since 1987. Caleb asked on the way home from school if there would be snow tomorrow, when I told him there would be it was sad because he was tired of being cold, he said.

At the kids school they showed a video in Lilia's class about a boy who wanted to dance ballet and fell in love with his best (boy) friend. Afterwards that had discussion where they told the class that that was okay. Lilia said she didn't like it because of the language too. A little idea of what they will face in public school in France. At our school we learned a new verb tense this week, conditional passe. I hope we are close to running out of verb tenses. Friday I went with another language school student to Leroy Merlin (like Home Depot or Lowes), we had a good time just wondering around. Saturday Angie took several of the new language school ladies shopping. January and July are the big sale months in France. Almost everything in the stores at 50-60% off. Angie is good at helping the new ladies at the school get settled. She helps with paperwork, comforts them about cultural things, listens, offers advice when asked, and . . . she just helps in many ways. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful helpmate. Attached are picture of Lilia with a snowball she brought home and Andrew's hair that everyone had fun playing with Friday night. God bless, JASON

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Anniversary

We have arrived at another anniversary of sorts, it has been one year since my first blog. The blog has been very helpful. I spoken to a missionary who had been on the field for several years and he could not remember much of what happened during that time. We have an online diary of sorts. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs as well. It helps me keep up with a lot of friends from seminary and family.

The weather has remained unusually cold. It was about 15f (-10c) this morning when I woke up. I went to the translator office this morning to pick up my driver's license. They were not ready, so I went back this afternoon and got them. I took a nap with Andrew after lunch which was enjoyable. I just haven't been able to catch up on sleep since school started. I am awaiting a call from another missionary here in France. There is a lot that I feel like I need to get done this week and weekend. I have attached two pictures of the snow. It still has not melted. In fact it has become slippery on the sidewalks now. I found out that you use different muscles for walking on slippery surfaces, because I am sore. God bless, Jason

Monday, January 5, 2009

Snowy first day of school.

First day back at school today and it snowed all day long. It started just before we left, by days end there was a good three inches on snow on the ground. Of course the kids, and even us adults on occasion, had a wonderful time. It may last a couple of days, I will be sure to post pictures tomorrow. It is not supposed to get above freezing tomorrow, so maybe it will last a day or two. The first day went well for us. We didn't have to be there because this day is orientation for the new students, but we like to meet everyone and help out when we can. We helped get the lunch meal set up and after school, I went with another students to get some paper work translated. I took our driver's license to have them translated. After school, I let the kids play in the snow for a little and then we came home to hot chocolate. No homework yet, so a wonderful first day indeed. How about another Micah quote? After hearing a girl express a lot of things she knew about snow, you could see Micah's gears turning in his head, finally he said, "Well, see how fast I can run", and he took off. I gotta run as well. God bless, Jason

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year +1

I am feeling a lot better. We are preparing to get back into our school routine. Tomorrow, Angie is going to help translate for a new student who is meeting with the teacher for her child. At the same time I will be meeting with two men who work with the Association Évangélique d’Églises Baptistes de Langue Française (AEEBLF). Micah quote time. I heard someone coming down the stairs last night after bedtime. I met Micah at the stairs. He was wanting to tell that he hurt his foot coming down the ladder of his bunk bed. After I made sure he was okay, I asked why he had got out of bed. He said, "To tell you I hurt my foot." Which of course happened after he had gotten out of bed. I didn't bother explaining it to him and just sent him back to bed. Pictured is Andrew soon after he found his stocking. God bless, JASON