Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration perspective.

We got into a conversation in class yesterday about the inauguration. The person who covered the event for France TV (I think it was the prime minister) made several observations that showed the difference in thinking between a christian nation and a secular one. He alluded to it making no sense to swear on a bible. He said that Rick Warren was a conservative pastor. He also said that Aretha Franklin's singing was like the "incantations" that they sing in church. Certainly points out the different point of view. I fell down the stairs at the language school yesterday as well. Thankfully just some bruises and nobody saw me. I had a good conversation this week with a representative for Greater Europe Mission. We had a good visit. Please join us in praying for he Lord to show us which organization He has for us to partner with to get our residence visa in France. We went to the zoo again to see the animals but they it didn't work out once again. They said that it was the city that claimed that without discussing it with the circus first. But we did get to walk around and see some animals from outside the fence. We saw seals, lions, tigers, leopard, and a huge cow. They kids then got to play at the park for a little bit. The park is next to a big hill and it is really cold with the wind blowing. A pastor friend of ours will be visiting some this next week with his family, we look forward to seeing them. Attached is a picture of Andrew over a year ago, when we at a conference and he fell asleep after eating. God bless, JASON

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