Saturday, January 10, 2009


The first great news is that Caleb accepted Christ as his savior Thursday night. The evening devotional that we had was when Abraham was asked to offer his only son Isaac. He asked several good questions afterwards and was obviously feeling convicted. When I went passed his room later that night he was praying in his bed. He told us in the morning that he had asked Jesus to save him. Awesome!

The cold weather is still hanging out. Wednesday was the coldest day in Paris since 1987. Caleb asked on the way home from school if there would be snow tomorrow, when I told him there would be it was sad because he was tired of being cold, he said.

At the kids school they showed a video in Lilia's class about a boy who wanted to dance ballet and fell in love with his best (boy) friend. Afterwards that had discussion where they told the class that that was okay. Lilia said she didn't like it because of the language too. A little idea of what they will face in public school in France. At our school we learned a new verb tense this week, conditional passe. I hope we are close to running out of verb tenses. Friday I went with another language school student to Leroy Merlin (like Home Depot or Lowes), we had a good time just wondering around. Saturday Angie took several of the new language school ladies shopping. January and July are the big sale months in France. Almost everything in the stores at 50-60% off. Angie is good at helping the new ladies at the school get settled. She helps with paperwork, comforts them about cultural things, listens, offers advice when asked, and . . . she just helps in many ways. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful helpmate. Attached are picture of Lilia with a snowball she brought home and Andrew's hair that everyone had fun playing with Friday night. God bless, JASON

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