Thursday, July 4, 2013

At School's End

Arianna and Andrew reading.

One of our roses.
Yet another week has passed.  The boys last day of school is tomorrow.  Lilia has been out of school last week and this week, except for Tuesday where they had a class trip to Aqualand, a water park.  We got her grades in and she has been doing real well.  She also had a birthday party at a friends house Wednesday afternoon.  Caleb found out that he will not be in the sports section of Junior High next year, but he is okay with that.  He spent Friday evening with one of his friends.  Micah has done real well in school this year as usual.  He is enjoying his last few days of school and is mostly playing games because a large part of his class has already left on vacation.  He also attended a birthday party Wedesnday day.  Andrew also passed.  He is already looking forward to starting school next year.  He just loves to be around other people.  Angie has been keeping busy with scrapbooking.  She has profited with Lilia being home and helping look after Arianna.  I was at the market last Friday, tourists were out in number.  I did hand out a gospel of Matthew and had coffee with a couple of people.  Sunday, I led in the services in Carcassonne, and we have had Bible Studies the last two weeks, after being off for the team's visit.  Last week was also busy with all the end of month reports.  I also print the monthly bulleting for the church in Carcassonne now.  Other than those items I am trying to keep our garden up and going. 
Tomato plants, finally growing.

We are finally getting some courgettes (squash) as well.
We actually got to eat one of our squash.  We may have a small 4th of July celebration this evening.  Tomorrow we will have a end of school party for family night.  Then Saturday the 100th annual Tour de France bicycle race will come through Limoux, less than 50 ft from our house.  Also currently the "Feria de Limoux" is taking place, the bull-fighting festival, and Saturday night they are supposed to have a local group that makes human towers come to Limoux.  I have heard that it is impressive with sometimes 60 people involved and up to 5 or 6 layers high.  Angie and Lilia will be at the Youth meeting so they will miss it.  Next week will be our last Bible Study for a while.  Everyone, including us, will be leaving.  We will head out in two weeks to drive to Romania, where I will be speaking at a teen Church Camp.  I am looking forward to seeing a little more of Europe and spending some time with our friends in Romania.  Let me not forget Arianna, who is little by little getting the hang of potty training.  She really wants to be able to start pre-school in September.  She has the cutest expressions.  Check out the video, where she starts out trying not to smile.  God bless, JASON