Friday, August 31, 2012

Back in France

Saying goodbyes at the Dallas airport.

Saturday we had a get together at my Grandmothers house.
All but 5 members of the family made it.

Our time in the States finished well.  The last two weeks we visited family and friends and 3 churches.  I really enjoyed catching several services at the church where I grew up and where my father was preaching a revival.  I also was able to attend the opening day ceremony at TBI, the seminary I attended.  We spent our last Sunday with our sending church, I preached the morning message.  It has been great to reconnect with them.  We spent Monday and Tuesday morning, either packing or shopping. Tuesday before we left we celebrated Arianna's 2nd birthday.  We then headed out to the airport for our flight to Dallas.  The flight went well, although the kids did not sleep much.  Arianna did well, except for a moment when she threw up what seemed like the three days worth of food on me.  We both had extra clothes so no big problem.  We were blessed to have purchased our tickets through British Airways, which give pastors and missionaries and extra bag.  So  we carried 20 bags with no extra fees.  We had a 5 hour layover in London.  Micah and Caleb slept most of that time.  It was a short 2 hour flight to Toulouse where our friends met us at the airport.  We made the journey back home without any problems.  The house was spotless and the Pastor's wife in Carcassonne, had prepared a meal for us.  We got everything inside, ate, and slept off and on until noon.  I did some shopping and running around and then we spent the rest of the day unpacking.  Today we will try to get the kids school supplies.  We will be leaving Sunday for the International Missionary Retreat, put on by our good friends, Lynn and Brenda Raburn (  It will be in Turkey this year.  Have a good day and get some good sleep for us.  God bless, JASON
Arianna enjoyed getting to know Angie's parents better.
Arianna now two years old. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

A slower week.

Still spending a lot of time on the road.

Arianna fell asleep standing up.

Andrew and I mow my grandmothers yard.

My Dad with two of his granddaughters. . .
. . Arianna and Naomi.
After revival services we enjoyed a weekend in Mississippi at my Aunt's church.  We had a good time and I even played some basketball before leaving. We took it easy the next week.  Took care of some shopping and visiting with some old friends and some family get toghethers.  We just had another good weekend in College Station, Texas.  Tommorrow we are going to the beach with my sister and her kids.  Our kids never remember swimming in the gulf of Mexico. All they remeber is the cold water of the Medditeranean. I'm looking forward to re-inroducing them to warm water (water temp. is around mid 80's F).  We have just over a week before we head back to France.  God bless, JASON

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New York City

Here we are at the Alamo.

At the Statue of Liberty, you can tell that
 Caleb was not feeling well.

The New World Trade Center is almost complete.

Time Square.

The Boys wash their feet in one of our hotels.
We had good travels these last couple of weeks.  The first Sunday after church camp, we had an apointment in San Antonio.  It was our first time to visit with the church there and we had a good time meeting the people.  After services we stopped by and saw the Alamo, which was a first for all of us.  It was nice to see such a piece of Texas history.  I met a french couple while I was there and had a good talk with them.  We returned to Henderson that night and then left the next morning for New York.  We stopped to pick up a rental van, and when we arrived, they did not have on available.  All they had was a 7 passenger SUV, which did not have enough room.  Thankfully God worked things out, and with just a short 30 minute wait, a van was avaiable for us.  We had a good drive to New York.  We took it easy this part of the trip, we spread the 25 hour drive over three days.  We stopped early and found hotels, where the kids could swim and watch the Olympics.  We arrived at New York City Wednesday evening.  We found the hotel no problem and got settled in.  We even enjoyed some authentic NYC pizza. The morning we woke up and hopped on the subway to see some sites.  We saw the new World Trade Center building, the 9-11-01 Memorial Site, we took the ferry over the see the Statue of Liberty.  After seeing the Statue of Liberty we were pretty tired out.  We headed back to the hotel and had some supper.  I went to pick up supper with Lilia and Caleb, we grabbed some chicken and side dishes and then stopped by a small store on the corner to get some paper plates.  Lilia and Caleb were waiting by the door with the food as  I went in and bought the plates.  The told me later that two guys walked out and one said to the other "Do you know Jason Clark?" To which the other guy responded, "Yes I went to high school with him."  I thought that that was wierd.  Just a coincidence or was one of my high school classmates living in NY?  After supper I took Caleb and Lilia to see Times Square all lit up.  They next day we headed to see some friends staying near Boston.  On the way we drove by Central Park.  The drive up to Massacheusetts was long and there was a lot of traffic.  We arrived in time to have supper with our friends the Columbines. We went to language school with them and had to separate to our different fields of labor, so we really enjoyed the visit even though it was short.  That next morning we drove over the Mercer, Pennsylvania for our Sunday appointent.  We had a great time in Mercer Pennsylvania.  We enjoyed the time with the church and visiting with the pastor and his family.  We had long 19 hour drive back home, but we did take a moment for a Doctors appointment.  The kids had been sick on and off during this trip, in particular Caleb, who had a cough that had lingered for a while.  We found out that he had Bronchitis, and got some antibiotics for him.  We had an uneventful drive home, it ended up being about 24 hours straight, but Angie and I took turns and got through it without problems.  We made it back in time for the revival services that I am preaching at Walnut Street, our sending church.  We are having a great time.  God bless, JASON

This Nissan Quest was our vehicule for the trip.