Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am feeling much better now. The weekend passed without much going on. The weather was warm and a couple of the other kids were having allergy troubles as well. We stayed on from Church to give us a chance to get healed. We are thankful that we had some visitors in the afternoon who even took the kids to the park for some exercise. The weather cooled off Sunday evening and there remains a cool breeze. I emailed our landlord with some questions about the additional room that has been added to our house. I need to know if he would like us to paint the roof as well, which is beams and OSB. I also asked about the Air Conditioning, we have found some prices and even had a church offer to help pay, I am waiting now to hear back from him as he had mentioned when we moved in that he may cover half the costs of having an A/C unit installed. The kids are enjoying the last week of school. There all received their report cards and had good grades and good comments, even Andrew who can count to 7 and recognize consistently 11 letters of the alphabet. Yesterday I attended a presentation at Lilia's school, her grade was receiving a free book from the National Director of Schools to encourage them to read over the summer. The presentation went well. Caleb's class was present as well. It is neat seeing them with their friends at school. I am working today on a few office items, and making good progress. Attached pictures are some taken from our cell phone. God bless, JASON

Friday, June 25, 2010


Things do not always go the way you expect. Some tend to think that this is always bad. I am thankful for the encouragement in the scriptures that "all things work together for good, to those who love the Lord and who are the called, according to his service". I know that all things that happen will work together to be for my good. We had to cancel the Bible study last night, because I was sick. The morning started out with one of my eyes constantly watering. By late afternoon, I had slight fever and a headache in addition to my watering eyes. We cancelled the Bible study, I took some medicine and a nap. Angie took the kids to school this morning and picked up some more medicine for me. It didn't ask what it was when she gave it to me, but it must have been some good stuff because I slept until 11 and I feel almost normal now. I missed going to a French conversation class this morning. This is a group in Limoux, foreigners and a couple of French people who meet together and talk for an hour and a half in French. Might sound boring, but it is an excellent chance to meet people and to work on French at the same time. Today I need to work on the kids sunday school lesson. Tomorrow, I plan to work on the yard, the garden in particular. Here are some pictures of the boys after school one day. Lilia didn't get one taken, because she didn't think the outfit she was wearing was worthy of a photo. And to think we will soon have another girl. God bless, JASON

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Monday and Tuesday have passed quickly. I'm having trouble remembering what happened. I was able to make it to the bible study in Carcassonne. The new pastor is Carcassonne will be arriving soon. They are working on getting his house fixed up today. Spent a lot of time working on the Bible Study, I changed my mind on the subject Tuesday morning and so I had to start from scratch. I am about to have my session with my language partner. We will have a couple friends over tonight to work in music. Angie continues to get tired easily. Thankfully she is usually able to rest for a little and get back to it, it is a temporary fix. I have fixed a few things around the house recently. Our grill wasn't working probaly, there was a problem with the regulator, which I fixed. A knob had stopped working on the washing machine, got that fixed. A shelf in the boys closet fell out, got that fixed. We had bought a large bag of legos at at a garage sale, got those cleaned. Soon I will be going over my lesson for tomorrow and hope to have it fixed. The kids will not have school tomorrow because their teachers are on strike, trying to get some things fixed that they dislike about the school system. Attached picture is a rainbow we saw during the rains that passed through last week and Caleb fixin to shoot a target at the school fair. God bless, JASON

Sunday, June 20, 2010


We had a good language session Wednesday. It took a while to polish up some of the translating I had done. The Bible study went well Thursday. It seemed like everyone was tired. Maybe it was because of the weather. We have now gone 10 straight days with rain. Today the temperture was 50 when I woke up. Friday night was nice and we were able to play outside some. Saturday was a really fun day. In the morning we had the end of school fair for Micah and Andrew. It was really fun. We saw their end of year programs and they were sooooo cute. Andrew seemed so at ease with his classmates, and he knew all the motions and sang along with most songs. Micah was talking almost the entire time with his friends. Caleb was even starting up conversations with the kids waiting in line with him. After the fair, I took Lilia, Caleb, and Micah to the swimming pool. We swam for about an hour and a half. Services went well today in Carcassonne. We stayed with some church members for lunch and then I attended the church's mens meeting afterwards. Some good discussion was had, mainly in preparation for their new pastor who is arriving in two weeks. I am about to call my father and wish him a happy fathers day. He is on the road to attend a meeting of the churches in our association, mainly to set up a display about our work and let people know how we are doing. God bless, JASON

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My birthday went well. Lilia got a call from a friend inviting her to go swimming Friday evening. After she looked at tme with the big puppy dog eyes, I let her go. She had a wonderful time. Saturday I put together my Barbeque grill and even cooked some saucisses de Toulouse (Toulouse sausages)(pictured). They were excellent. We decided to purchase a gas grill in case the power goes off we will be able to cook and in winter we will have gas for heat. Saturday night Lilia realized that she had forgot a homework assignent, so we called her friend that she had went swimming with and her mother volunteered to copy the assignement and bring it over for us as a matter of courtesy because she knew Angie is expecting. We had a good visit with her mother for about an hour and we praise God for the opportunity to make this contact. Sunday services went well. In the afternoon I visited in the services of the other church in Limoux. They are an Assembly of God church that has been here for 27 years. They have about 50 membors and a nice meeting place. I was glad for the opportunity to meet the pastor, and as a common courtesy, to let him know that I was here. Monday morning we made our weekly shopping trip, and in the afternoon Angie went to her doctors appointment. Angie's blood pressure was still a little high and so the Doctor requested her return for more blood tests and for a extended blood pressure test. Tuesday, I took the car to the dealership to get the washer fluid pump replaced, while Angie got her blood tested. We met up and went to see an end of school dance presentation that Caleb's class and several others classes put on. Tuesday afternoon and evening I worked on the lesson for Thursday night and Angie went to the Bible Study in Carcassonne. Currently Angie is taking the kids to their swimming lesson, and the end of school party that will follow. Hopefully she will be able to make some contacts with people. I am preparing material now for my language session and soon I need to go work on lunch. It has rained the past four days and so I have not been able to use my grill again. I think it is supposed to clear up tomorrow. God bless, JASON

Friday, June 11, 2010

La Vie en Rose.

La Vie en Rose is a famous song by the most popular French musician Edith Piaf. It is a sweet love song. The song title means "the good life" somewhat similar to "life is a bed of roses". I feel that sentiment often. Our Bible study went well again last night. We praised, prayed and studied God's word. The subject was baptism and afterwards one lady approached and said that she wanted to be baptised. She was forced by her parents to be "baptised" as a child and wants to follow through. I had explained that baptism is a public acknowledgement, declaring salvation and a desire to be a disciple. I always get excited when people hear the word of God and react. That is what the Word of God should do in the life of a Christian. It should cause a reaction.
La vie en Rose is continuing today as I celebrate my birthday. Angie and I took the car to the dealership to have the windshield washer looked at. As they worked on it we did some shopping and I bought her a cappuccino at McDonalds and we sat and talked for a while. We priced some Air Conditioners and looked at buying a Gas grill for my Birthday. We returned to find out the car needed a new washer fluid pump as I expected and so we will bring the car back in Tuesday, it is covered under the warrenty so we will not be out any expense. Looking forward to family night and birthday party for myself this evening. I have requested my favorite meal of Hot Dogs and have bought a few Dr Peppers for the occassion as well. Last 32 years on this earth have been blessed, even though not every moment of every day has been la vie en rose. I can truly say that it has been more wonderful that I deserve and I am looking forward to the future. Below is a version of La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf with an English translation as well (see on youtube). God bless, JASON

Thursday, June 10, 2010

School End

Thing seem to get busy as school draws to an end. Monday we got our main shopping done for the week. Tuesday I ran some errands in town after dropping the kids off, and worked on my lesson in the afternoon. Tuesday after school, Lilia and Caleb had an end of the school year musical concert (pictured). It was very enjoyable, but we did not get done until almost 7:00 so I was unable to make it to the Bible study in Carcassonne. Wednesday I finished the lesson, while Angie went swimming, a friend of Angie's went along with her to give her some company. We all ate lunch afterwards, which I had made. It was an attempt at a Chicken Pot pie, which Angie likes. It turned out a little to spicy for the kids, but the adults enjoyed it. The kids enjoyed it as long as enough Crême Fraiche, was added. I had a good session with Cédric. We are going to go together to visit the pentecostal church here in Limoux on Sunday afternoon. I am looking forward to meeting the pastor there, I had not been able to get in touch with him. Wednesday evening we practiced the music for the Bible study. Two others came and we enjoyed the praise and fellowship with them. It is amazing how much you seem to have in common with someone, just because you serve the same Savior. The Bible study will be this evening. One of the ladies who has been coming has asked us to pray that her daughter will come this evening as well. The lesson will be on baptism. Someone once said, "Over the centuries Christians have debated what baptism accomplishes, to whom it should be administered, and how much water should be used." We will be examing those three areas and more. Looking forward to it. The weather has been cooler this week. There has been a 70% chance of rain everyday this week, but we have only received a little sprinkle. There has been a strong wind and cooler temperatures. God bless, JASON

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Empty Attic

The kids enjoyed playing Croque Carotte Friday evening. Micah really enjoyed teaching everyone how to play. Friday I got a lot of work done on the new blog. This blog will have all of my lessons and sermons in French. You can get there by clicking biblerichesses.blogspot.com or the link in the list of links to your right. Saturday morning we visited our first Vide Grenier (ilt. empty attic) or garage sale for us Americans. We found some wonderful deals on furniture, dishes, even a nice bike for 25 euros. We returned with a car load. After lunch we had Andrews birthday party which went real well. He enjoyed his cake and gifts. In the afternoon and into the evening I was able to get the new blog finished and updated and even planted a few rose bushes. It was a warm day, got up to about 85 outside and 80 inside. I will have to look into possibilites of getting an Air Conditioner for the house. In the summer we can usually keep it in the 80's just by venting at the proper times and closing the shutters. But Angie, being pregnant, was close to miserable at 80. It was a little cooler today (Sunday) because some rain moved in, and it is supposed to stay like this all week, so I will have a little time to research the A/C prices. Services went well at the chuch in Carcassonne. They were having Anniversary services, celebrating 13 years. They had a guest speaker and a meal in between the services. I enjoyed getting to hear
the sermons and getting to know the guest speaker who we might have been related too, as he was Irish and his last name was "Clark". Angie taught Sunday School this morning as well. I took them home for lunch and Caleb and I returned for the afternoon service, Angie was a little tired and didn't feel like staying for the meal. I was suprised to see just now that the Euro has dropped to its lowest level since 2006. Hungary announced problems with debt and possible bankruptcy. It will be interesting to see how the world handles this global crisis. Will this end with a global currency? Will one individual step forward with a solution for all?
I need to work on visa paperwork and getting our car worked on this week. The pump for the windshield washer fluid has gone out, but it is still covered under warranty, I think. Attached are pictures of the Birthday party and Angie teaching Sunday-School. God bless, JASON

Friday, June 4, 2010

A single question.

Another good week, Monday morning was spent shopping. Tuesday and Wednesday, I worked on my lesson for the Bible Study thursday night. I think that I am getting a little faster. I decided to have a lesson on salvation. We looked at the three persons on the cross. Afterwards someone asked a single question and made a remark about something that she didn't know, but had learned. They thought that you didn't go to heaven when you died, only when Jesus returns. It was great to experience someone learning a truth of God's word. It sparked a good 20 minute discussion. One middle age man has attended seminary before and is a mature Christian. He has demonstrated a good amount of Bible knowledge and I know that he will play an important role in our ministry here. We enjoyed fellowship after the bible study as well, there were 4 present (not including my family). I plan on starting another blog for my French Bible studies lessons. I will post the link on the side if you are interested in reading them. Google translator might be able to help out.

Today we spent the morning shopping for Andrew's birthday presents, he will turn four tomorrow. We will have a small party for him tomorrow afternoon. We also picked up some roses to plant in the flower garden. We have seen some beautiful rose bushes here, with what seems like hundreds of blooms on them. Maybe we will have the same success. Traffic was bad in town this morning. Friday morning is the market, and all downtown there are booths set up selling all kinds of merchandise. That takes up the downtown parking. Also the high school parking lot is closed for repaving and there was some kind of sports event in town today. it took a while to find a parking spot for the kids. Tonight is family night and we bought a game called "Croque Carotte". It is a board game that Micah plays in his class and we are going to let him teach us how to play. It should be interesting, I know that he will enjoy it. Attached pictures are of a flock of sheep that blocked the road for a little Sunday afternoon and an Escargot on our back porch. Let me leave you with this little tidbit that had Angie and I laughing all day. A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart. God bless, JASON