Friday, June 11, 2010

La Vie en Rose.

La Vie en Rose is a famous song by the most popular French musician Edith Piaf. It is a sweet love song. The song title means "the good life" somewhat similar to "life is a bed of roses". I feel that sentiment often. Our Bible study went well again last night. We praised, prayed and studied God's word. The subject was baptism and afterwards one lady approached and said that she wanted to be baptised. She was forced by her parents to be "baptised" as a child and wants to follow through. I had explained that baptism is a public acknowledgement, declaring salvation and a desire to be a disciple. I always get excited when people hear the word of God and react. That is what the Word of God should do in the life of a Christian. It should cause a reaction.
La vie en Rose is continuing today as I celebrate my birthday. Angie and I took the car to the dealership to have the windshield washer looked at. As they worked on it we did some shopping and I bought her a cappuccino at McDonalds and we sat and talked for a while. We priced some Air Conditioners and looked at buying a Gas grill for my Birthday. We returned to find out the car needed a new washer fluid pump as I expected and so we will bring the car back in Tuesday, it is covered under the warrenty so we will not be out any expense. Looking forward to family night and birthday party for myself this evening. I have requested my favorite meal of Hot Dogs and have bought a few Dr Peppers for the occassion as well. Last 32 years on this earth have been blessed, even though not every moment of every day has been la vie en rose. I can truly say that it has been more wonderful that I deserve and I am looking forward to the future. Below is a version of La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf with an English translation as well (see on youtube). God bless, JASON

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