Friday, June 25, 2010


Things do not always go the way you expect. Some tend to think that this is always bad. I am thankful for the encouragement in the scriptures that "all things work together for good, to those who love the Lord and who are the called, according to his service". I know that all things that happen will work together to be for my good. We had to cancel the Bible study last night, because I was sick. The morning started out with one of my eyes constantly watering. By late afternoon, I had slight fever and a headache in addition to my watering eyes. We cancelled the Bible study, I took some medicine and a nap. Angie took the kids to school this morning and picked up some more medicine for me. It didn't ask what it was when she gave it to me, but it must have been some good stuff because I slept until 11 and I feel almost normal now. I missed going to a French conversation class this morning. This is a group in Limoux, foreigners and a couple of French people who meet together and talk for an hour and a half in French. Might sound boring, but it is an excellent chance to meet people and to work on French at the same time. Today I need to work on the kids sunday school lesson. Tomorrow, I plan to work on the yard, the garden in particular. Here are some pictures of the boys after school one day. Lilia didn't get one taken, because she didn't think the outfit she was wearing was worthy of a photo. And to think we will soon have another girl. God bless, JASON

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