Friday, June 4, 2010

A single question.

Another good week, Monday morning was spent shopping. Tuesday and Wednesday, I worked on my lesson for the Bible Study thursday night. I think that I am getting a little faster. I decided to have a lesson on salvation. We looked at the three persons on the cross. Afterwards someone asked a single question and made a remark about something that she didn't know, but had learned. They thought that you didn't go to heaven when you died, only when Jesus returns. It was great to experience someone learning a truth of God's word. It sparked a good 20 minute discussion. One middle age man has attended seminary before and is a mature Christian. He has demonstrated a good amount of Bible knowledge and I know that he will play an important role in our ministry here. We enjoyed fellowship after the bible study as well, there were 4 present (not including my family). I plan on starting another blog for my French Bible studies lessons. I will post the link on the side if you are interested in reading them. Google translator might be able to help out.

Today we spent the morning shopping for Andrew's birthday presents, he will turn four tomorrow. We will have a small party for him tomorrow afternoon. We also picked up some roses to plant in the flower garden. We have seen some beautiful rose bushes here, with what seems like hundreds of blooms on them. Maybe we will have the same success. Traffic was bad in town this morning. Friday morning is the market, and all downtown there are booths set up selling all kinds of merchandise. That takes up the downtown parking. Also the high school parking lot is closed for repaving and there was some kind of sports event in town today. it took a while to find a parking spot for the kids. Tonight is family night and we bought a game called "Croque Carotte". It is a board game that Micah plays in his class and we are going to let him teach us how to play. It should be interesting, I know that he will enjoy it. Attached pictures are of a flock of sheep that blocked the road for a little Sunday afternoon and an Escargot on our back porch. Let me leave you with this little tidbit that had Angie and I laughing all day. A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart. God bless, JASON

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