Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Monday and Tuesday have passed quickly. I'm having trouble remembering what happened. I was able to make it to the bible study in Carcassonne. The new pastor is Carcassonne will be arriving soon. They are working on getting his house fixed up today. Spent a lot of time working on the Bible Study, I changed my mind on the subject Tuesday morning and so I had to start from scratch. I am about to have my session with my language partner. We will have a couple friends over tonight to work in music. Angie continues to get tired easily. Thankfully she is usually able to rest for a little and get back to it, it is a temporary fix. I have fixed a few things around the house recently. Our grill wasn't working probaly, there was a problem with the regulator, which I fixed. A knob had stopped working on the washing machine, got that fixed. A shelf in the boys closet fell out, got that fixed. We had bought a large bag of legos at at a garage sale, got those cleaned. Soon I will be going over my lesson for tomorrow and hope to have it fixed. The kids will not have school tomorrow because their teachers are on strike, trying to get some things fixed that they dislike about the school system. Attached picture is a rainbow we saw during the rains that passed through last week and Caleb fixin to shoot a target at the school fair. God bless, JASON

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