Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am feeling much better now. The weekend passed without much going on. The weather was warm and a couple of the other kids were having allergy troubles as well. We stayed on from Church to give us a chance to get healed. We are thankful that we had some visitors in the afternoon who even took the kids to the park for some exercise. The weather cooled off Sunday evening and there remains a cool breeze. I emailed our landlord with some questions about the additional room that has been added to our house. I need to know if he would like us to paint the roof as well, which is beams and OSB. I also asked about the Air Conditioning, we have found some prices and even had a church offer to help pay, I am waiting now to hear back from him as he had mentioned when we moved in that he may cover half the costs of having an A/C unit installed. The kids are enjoying the last week of school. There all received their report cards and had good grades and good comments, even Andrew who can count to 7 and recognize consistently 11 letters of the alphabet. Yesterday I attended a presentation at Lilia's school, her grade was receiving a free book from the National Director of Schools to encourage them to read over the summer. The presentation went well. Caleb's class was present as well. It is neat seeing them with their friends at school. I am working today on a few office items, and making good progress. Attached pictures are some taken from our cell phone. God bless, JASON

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Jessica Page said...

So glad you're feeing better! We're praying for you guys! So excited that God is continuing to work through you guys and that you're getting to see the fruits of your labor!