Thursday, June 10, 2010

School End

Thing seem to get busy as school draws to an end. Monday we got our main shopping done for the week. Tuesday I ran some errands in town after dropping the kids off, and worked on my lesson in the afternoon. Tuesday after school, Lilia and Caleb had an end of the school year musical concert (pictured). It was very enjoyable, but we did not get done until almost 7:00 so I was unable to make it to the Bible study in Carcassonne. Wednesday I finished the lesson, while Angie went swimming, a friend of Angie's went along with her to give her some company. We all ate lunch afterwards, which I had made. It was an attempt at a Chicken Pot pie, which Angie likes. It turned out a little to spicy for the kids, but the adults enjoyed it. The kids enjoyed it as long as enough Crême Fraiche, was added. I had a good session with Cédric. We are going to go together to visit the pentecostal church here in Limoux on Sunday afternoon. I am looking forward to meeting the pastor there, I had not been able to get in touch with him. Wednesday evening we practiced the music for the Bible study. Two others came and we enjoyed the praise and fellowship with them. It is amazing how much you seem to have in common with someone, just because you serve the same Savior. The Bible study will be this evening. One of the ladies who has been coming has asked us to pray that her daughter will come this evening as well. The lesson will be on baptism. Someone once said, "Over the centuries Christians have debated what baptism accomplishes, to whom it should be administered, and how much water should be used." We will be examing those three areas and more. Looking forward to it. The weather has been cooler this week. There has been a 70% chance of rain everyday this week, but we have only received a little sprinkle. There has been a strong wind and cooler temperatures. God bless, JASON

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