Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall weather and apples

It seems strange but the month of October has crawled by.  I don't know why but several times during the month I was shocked by the amount of time we still had left in the month.  I have had some good ministry moments.  Some people that we had been praying for, came to the Bible Study, and others said that they would come.  I have had good contacts at the market as the good fall weather continues to last.
On my day off, I learned to use GarangeBand, a music software.  
 The kids are now out of school for two weeks.  Andrew had a sports camp the first week, and Lilia has swimming camp this the second week,  So activities are still going on strong.
Andrew had a handball tournament the last day before the vacation.
 We have started planning for Thanksgiving, but are having trouble finding a room once again this year.  I guess I need to reserve the room several months in advance next year. We are going to be flexible with the date so that we can hopefully find someplace to hold it.  We hope to have around 60 people this year.
 The month of November is the month dedicated to the new arrivals at the AVF.  I have quite a few more responsibilities as a result.  We must prepare for several activities, I need to arrange meals at local restaurants and still need to get together with some local business who we would like to sponsor the AVF.  The 18th, I had two games of basketball to referee but Angie and Lauren took the kids to Mirepoire for the apple festival.  They had apple sculptures and all kinds of apples to buy.  The kids opted for the caramel covered apples called "Pomme d'amour".  God bless, JASON

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Referee and meetings

Micah was setting up Arianna in poses.

AVF room all set up.
October is well underway.  I refereed my first game the 4th.  It went well, it was hot, and I was worried about the score being close and tempers flaring, but the final score was 108 - 16.  So no worries from that aspect.  I had several meetings... Monday morning -meeting with Lauren about Thanksgiving.  Monday afternoon - stayed at the AVF for office hours, got to meet some new arrivals.  Tuesday afternoon - committee meeting with AVF, getting ready for the AVF welcome dinner Friday night.  Wednesday afternoon - took Lilia to meet some businesses, she is required to do a week long apprenticeship in December as part of her schooling.  Thursday afternoon - meet to do the shopping for the AVF dinner.  Friday afternoon - meeting at the bank to change over signature for AVF, and followed by preparing for the AVF dinner at 6:30.  Had a great time getting things set up and visiting with everyone waiting for the start.  The actual meeting went real well.  I welcome the mayor and we both gave a speech, followed by finger foods and visiting.  Yesterday I officiated two more basketball games.  I got to ride with my teammate from Limoux and so we had good visiting time.  The gym was still warm and I am starting to actually want cooler temperatures.  We did two games back to back,  the first was 11 - 13 year olds, and the second 15 - 17.  Both games went good without any major complaints. Services went good this morning, we had only two visitors, still waiting for several who said they would come to come.  Trust that God will continue to work in each situation.  God bless, JASON

Friday, October 3, 2014

Summer 2014 - September

I almost caught up on blogging.  September is always a crazy month.  We made it back in time to get settled for a few days before school, associations, and Bible studies all got started.  We celebrated Arianna's fourth birthday.

Then things started really rolling.  September 2nd, I had my first AVF meeting as president, we prepared for the upcoming year.  It was also the kids first day of school.  

I still had time to get things straightened up at the house...I replaced the brake pads on the car and got new tires put on.  The weather was so nice, we took the kids to the beach on Saturday, and had some fun in the sand, the water was a little to chilly for Angie and me, but the boys seemed not to mind.  

The following week was full of meetings.  Monday evening, prep meeting for the Forum of Associations, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons were the main inscription days at the AVF.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet all the new people who came to sign up.  Friday I got back to doing the market.  Saturday was our last training for being a Referee, I am refereeing my first game tomorrow.  After visiting with the church in Carcassonne the previous Sunday, and knowing that we would be soon busy on Sunday mornings, we visited some other churches in the area during the month of September, in Toulouse and Montpellier.  Monday the 15th I had all day training for the AVF in Montpellier.  Angie had meetings with the kids teachers during this time as well. The kids are doing well in school, there were no sad faces about having to go back.  Even Arianna was looking forward to seeing her friends again and has been speaking quite a bit of french.  Saturday the 20th, we celebrated Micah's 10th birthday, a big deal for him since he does not have to use a booster seat in the car anymore.  
Basketball practice is in full swing.  Wednesday afternoon the kids practices are doing well.  There are a lot of kids so far this year, about 15 in the 6-8 year old group.  Angie is going to practice with Limoux and with the team in Carcassonne this year.  She sprained her ankle slightly this past week, so she hadn't gone this week.  The mens team is doing well.  We had 17 last night.  I was able to play in a scrimmage the 18th, and the team honestly didn't look to good.  We lost by a few but missed several good scoring occasions.  I was the second highest scorer on the team, but with only 7 points.  
The 24th, Lauren started the kids Bible studies back up and the 28th, we started our Sunday morning study.  There were three new kids this last time for he kids bible study, and there were three guests on Sunday morning and should be at least one more this coming Sunday.  
The 25th, I signed a partnership between the AVF and a local insurance company that will provide lower cost insurance to AVF members. The 26th was Angie's birthday.  The 27th was the Forum of Associations in Limoux, where all the clubs have stands to present their association.  I was able to hang out with the AVF stand and also the basketball stand all day.  Meanwhile, Angie took Lilia and Caleb to the youth group meeting in Carcassonne.  That's the summer in a nutshell.  It was interesting because the 23rd, the first day of fall, the weather changed here and things cooled off and we had a little rain.  Coming in the next post, we have the possibility for a new house to rent.  Check back soon. God bless, JASON
The first Sunday Morning Bible study.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Summer 2014 - August

The first of August we visited Canton's Trade Days.  It is the largest market in Texas, it was the first time that we had been. My parents go frequently and I was glad to have them as our tour guides because the place was huge.

The following day we left of a trip to Arkansas, were we spoke a two churches and then headed to Washington DC.  For a few days of family vacation.  We are thankful that friends hosted us in their house during this part of our travels...a true blessing, I would think it hard to invite a family of 7 into your house, but many did.  In Arkansas we took some family pictures at an old mill.

We had a great time in Washington DC.  I had visited the Smithsonian as a child and it was great seeing some of the stuff that I remembered.  I would take a week to see it all and we only have three days.  But we did get to visit the Air and Space Museum, the American History Museum, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Abraham Lincoln Memorial, White House and Capital Building (from a distance) and the best part is that it is free entry for the museums to all public.  One of the highlights for me was seeing the flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner, it was larger than I had imagined, but sorry, no pictures allowed.

Gettysburg Valley
Following the trip to DC, we headed back to Texas, stopping in West Virginia, and Pennsylvania to visit churches.  We drove through some hard rain at times and saw several serious accidents.  We are thankful to God for his protection while we traveled during the summer.  We arrived back in Texas and had a couple of weeks for some brief revisits of family and friends, and as always sharing with churches.  

We had a great time in the States, and even though goodbye's are hard we were ready to get back to France and find our own bed, our friends, and the people that we care about across the sea. next picture was taken at the airport, August 26, by my parents as we left out of Dallas. Last picture is the kids waiting for our connection flight from London to Toulouse.  God bless, JASON

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer 2014 - July

July started with Angie and I on our little trip (I say little, realize that it was about 3000 miles) to the Northwest.  We were going to visit some churches and see some sites.  We also read a couple of books together while on the road. We drove 29 hours roughly, across Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Minnesota, Idaho, and arrived at Spokane, Washington.  We visited in the services of a church there and made some good friends, and reconnected with others. The following day we drove to Walla Walla, WA, were we stayed in the home of the Emry's for the week.  We shared Wednesday in Hermington, OR, and then Thursday in Walla Walla.  We were able to help them hand out flyers for their church and also enjoyed spending July 4th with them and their family.

We really enjoyed our week with them.  We headed out Saturday to drive over to Olympia and share with a church there Sunday morning, followed by Aloha, OR that evening. Monday the 7th, we started the trip back home driving through the Columbia River Gorge, which is a beautiful drive.  We stopped just before arriving at Yellowstone National Park and spent the night.  We are thankful for the generosity of people, the whole two weeks, we only had to pay for three hotel rooms. Tuesday morning we made a rushed trip through Yellowstone, after the Grand Canyon, one of the most beautiful places in the world, at least from my point-of-view.  We stopped at a few sites and grabbed some souvenirs for the kids.  (Clothes - which is always a souvenir that I like getting for the kids because...hey, they always need clothes anyways right).  

Arianna meets a cousin for the
first time.
We left Yellowstone, headed for Denver, CO, where we stayed and had a good visit with my aunt.  The headed for the long drive back to TX.  Along the way we stopped for Wednesday night services in Abilene, where were had a God arranged visit.  We picked a church at random and ended up that one of the members attended the church that my grandfather planted in Ayer, Massachusetts.  Amazing!  We made it safely back to TX and to the kids, who were waiting with stories of how they had been spoiled by the grandparents.  The following Saturday, 12th, we had a reunion of Angie's family.  There were over fifty present.  That following Sunday we visited two churches in Austin.  Then rushed to meet my sister to pick up two of her kids and get them and Lilia back in time to head off to Teen Camp with our church.  While Lilia was gone, we spoke at at Ladies meeting in Tatum, TX and a church in Jasper, TX.  The following Sunday we visited with two churches in Shelbyville and then drove straight back to Hillsboro, where we would be leaving for church camp as a family.  Along with 30 other kids.  Angie and I drove the two church vans which was a fun experience.  
Our group.

Playing night basketball.

Caleb won third place in Chess.
After camp, things slowed down for a little bit.  We still visited in three more churches before finished out July.  We tried to give a hand and stay cool.  God bless, JASON
Over 100 degrees at 11 am.

Helping my Dad build a bunk bed.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer 2014 - June

Where to even start? Summer has come and gone.  Let's go through and hit the highlights.
June 1st-Carcassonne church anniversary, they had two that were baptized.  An exciting time for the church in Carcassonne.
June 4th - Our year end business meeting for the AVF.  I was officially approved as the president of the AVF, in spite of a little opposition by some who were worried about the fact that I was a pastor.
June 5th - Andrew's 8th birthday.
June 6th - Our English Camp/VBS team arrived.  Had a crash course in French and supper with them.
June 7th - Hang out with the team in the morning.  Afternoon went to a wedding where I lead the ceremony.  What a great evening.  I did the services in French and English since the husband was french and the wife was from Singapore.  Great time meeting new people, had some in depth spiritual conversations.  Owner of the castle wants to offer my services to other married couples that use the castle for marriage.  Castle was near Albi, about two hours from our house because of some roads closed for construction.  

June 8th - Didn't get home from the wedding until after 3 in the morning.  Up early to take the team to church in Carcassonne.  Afterwards had our annual lunch meeting for the basketball club.  Services in English that evening with the team in attendance.  
June 9-12 - English camp each evening.  With various activities during the day.  Camp went real good and was well attended with about 25 each night.  During the day had other activities with the team...taking baked goods to the firefighters and police men, helping the elderly with their gardening and house work.  A great week.  
June 13 - Team day off, I drove one member of the team back to the airport as he had to leave early.  Had our last Friday night bible study.
June 14 - VBS went well, 9 kids in attendance.  

June 15 - Team leaves.  Lauren takes them to the airport while we start packing.  Lilia has her last swim  competition.  She swims in 6 races and receives 4 golds, one silver and one bronze.
June 17th - Lauren takes us to the airport.  Flight back home goes well.  We spend a few days in Hillsboro and then head to Henderson.
June 21 - Family reunion for the Taylor side.  First time that we have had the whole side together since I was a child, I believe.

June 22 - We spend the service with our sending church, eating a meal afterwards and enjoying a visit from some friends from Paris.  
June 23-25 - Hanging out with friends and family.  Took a trip to the zoo with my parents.  Getting ready to hit the road.  My parents are watching the kids while Angie and I take a road trip to Washington state to visit some churches.  
I'll include the road trip on July's blog.  God bless, JASON