Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In 15 days

It has been two weeks since I posted, in French they would say 15 days.  Don't bother adding it up.  The kids have been out of school for most of this time.  They have two weeks off from school, called All-saints Vacation.  All-saints day is Friday, a day where the French typically place flowers on the graves of loved ones. My missions treasorer passed away yesterday morning, John Richard served France Missions for the past 6 and a half years. I am thankful for his support for us and for his service in this area.  As I mentioned before the kids get two weeks off from school every six weeks.  Angie asked each of the kids what they wanted to do during the vacation.  Many responses were heard, among them, making cookies . . .

 Lilia has been consumed recently by a desire to make self-portraits for her facebook page.  She took over 150 these past few weeks.  I don't complain at all, because it's not a bad pastime, and she is very pretty. 
 One day we adopted a cat.  Angie walked in the door after dropping Lauren off with a cat in her arms.  I am not a cat person per-say, but this is a well behaved cat.  Evidently she had been living on the street for some time.  She is calm, doesn't jump on stuff, is good with the kids, and seems to really enjoy being fed regularly.  Also she is house trained, which is a big plus. 
 Sunday I led the services at Carcassonne.  I volunteered on short notice because the man who normally was assigned to do it was traveling to see family.  The services went well, I enjoy leading occasionaly without reading my notes.  Even though I make more grammaire mistakes that way, it still feels more natural.  There was a tense moment while I was bringing the devotional before preaching, when a large 8 feet mirror came unglued from the wall of the meeting room and leaned/fell onto the people sitting next too it.  Thankfully no one was injured besides a bump on the head and thankfully the  mirror did not shatter.   The church in Carcassonne just sold their old meeting place and is looking for a new one.  The dance hall they currently rent is expensive and now there is a problem with falling mirrors.  Sunday after church we took advantage of the presence of Lauren to try and take some family portraits.  Always a stressful time for the family, as getting 7 people to sit still and small seems to big a large challenge.   It did result in some good candid shots. 

 The girls did manage to get a good shot out of the event. 
In other news, all of our classes are on hold for the most part, during the vacation.  Angie still meet with the AVF last week, and I attended this week with Andrew and Arianna.  The meeting was just a informal conversation time at the coffee shop.  I still have basketball practice and last Thursday, Angie came to practice with the mens team.  She did well, though she noticed that it was a little more fast paced that the ladies practice usually is.  We are making plans for Thanksgiving and hope to invite most of the basketball team this year.  We have our first home game tomorrow night.  Some other highlights, rapid fire . . .Caleb spent the night with a friend and had the friend spent the afternoon with us (a good contact - this is the friend that Caleb led to the Lord), Lilia and possibly Angie and going to a youth camp this weekend put on by a church in Toulouse,  we have been taking walks of going to the park with the kids almost every day (not only to meet people, but to let the boys and Arianna burn off some energy), thankfully the weather has been nice with highs in the low 70's.  I went and helped out in the office of the AVF one afternoon.  The market Bible stand has been going well.  One time I had a long conversation with two Jehovah Witnessess.  Last night I filled in for the pastor in Carcassonne in their home Bible study.  Lauren is doing well.  She found someone to give her private lessons in French.  She did have her Electricity cut off,  because they did not recieve all the information they needed for her account, we got it all straightened out and it should be back on in a couple of days.  Monthly report is finished and sent out.  We have been requesting special offerings since the end of summer to recover from the expenses accumulated during the summer months (basketball team, Romania trip, Missionary Retreat).  I'm sure that God will supply our needs, but it may mean making adjustments to future plans.  The vacation is going well, but I am ready to get back to the regular schedule, mainly my computer class.  Hopefully I will update again before 15 days is up.  God bless, JASON

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Associations and Arm injuries

Let me think. . . the last week went well.  We are finally getting into a routine.  Though last week was a little different because Lilia had sprained her ankle and did not go to her swimming class.  Friday evening I had my fist computer course. Four students were present, and on Tuesday afternoon, four more came.  Looks like it will be a good class, they shared a lot of things that they would like to learn.  Friday night, I camped out with the boys in the back yard.  They had a great time, except for the fact that it got down to around 40 degrees, so by morning only Caleb and I were left in the tent, freezing.  For breakfast, I cooked eggs for them inside a grapefruit.  We also made chinese yo-yos, made with a large button and string. 

 Angie took the boys one day to get some new shoes, they got a little distracted as you can tell.
 Monday Arianna, went on a field trip to pick apples with her class.  Angie went along and helped out.  They had a good time and Angie even had the opportunity to talk to the class about saying things in English. 
 Saturday the girls went to Arianna's baby gymn class. Arianna really enjoys all the activities.  And we are enjoying meeting the parents.  I coached the Jr High class at basketball last Wednesday because the usual guy was absent.  The boys have got a lot of energy. 
I am considering a position with the AVF, I'll go into more detail later, but pray for us, because it would take a dedicated amount of time each week.  But the good side, is it would put me in a position to get to know the 250 members. 
Sunday afternoon we took Lauren out to eat at McDonalds, her first time in France.  During the meal, Arianna was brought in from the playplace by her brother crying, actually it was more of a laugh than cry.  I have a cut video of it, everytime she would try to move her arm she would start this laugh cry.  It was kind of cute.  Sunday, the doctors offices are closed, so we drove her to the Fire Departement, who didn't notice anything serious but suggested we take her to the emergency room in Carcassonne all the same.  So we took the family to the Emergency Room, and over two hours later left.  She had disclocated her elbow, but it ended up getting back into place between the x-ray and the doctor coming to examine it.  God bless, JASON

Monday, October 7, 2013

Two Birthday parties

Let me catch you up on the highlights of this past week.  Thursday the 26th was Angie's birthday. 

 I made he a baked potato cake.  You would have to know how much she likes potatos to understand.

Saturday,  we celebrated Micah's birthday party.  He had four friends over and they had a real good time playing together.  He likes fansy cakes.  So we made him a castle cake this year. 

 Services went well Sunday followed by a busy week.  Lilia sprained her ankle on the stairs at school Wednesday.  We had to see the doctor to get her a note to be excused from sports class at school.  The kids have been saying the cutest things lately.  Andrew said, "There was a girl in my class who was 9 years old, but then she got sick and turned 2 years old."  Arianna said once, "Everything I know, I know, I know, I know."  We had a good Bible study last night, 5 people came, and we had some real good discussion, and prayer time after the Bible study.  I hope for an equally good time tonight.  Guitar classes are going well, I am proud of my students, hopefully this is a result of a good teacher :) I will start the computer class this week.  Angie will soon be starting a ladies Bible study again.  We also have the possibility of helping start an association to help the poor, keep that in your prayers.  Hope you have a blessed week as well.  JASON