Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Associations and Arm injuries

Let me think. . . the last week went well.  We are finally getting into a routine.  Though last week was a little different because Lilia had sprained her ankle and did not go to her swimming class.  Friday evening I had my fist computer course. Four students were present, and on Tuesday afternoon, four more came.  Looks like it will be a good class, they shared a lot of things that they would like to learn.  Friday night, I camped out with the boys in the back yard.  They had a great time, except for the fact that it got down to around 40 degrees, so by morning only Caleb and I were left in the tent, freezing.  For breakfast, I cooked eggs for them inside a grapefruit.  We also made chinese yo-yos, made with a large button and string. 

 Angie took the boys one day to get some new shoes, they got a little distracted as you can tell.
 Monday Arianna, went on a field trip to pick apples with her class.  Angie went along and helped out.  They had a good time and Angie even had the opportunity to talk to the class about saying things in English. 
 Saturday the girls went to Arianna's baby gymn class. Arianna really enjoys all the activities.  And we are enjoying meeting the parents.  I coached the Jr High class at basketball last Wednesday because the usual guy was absent.  The boys have got a lot of energy. 
I am considering a position with the AVF, I'll go into more detail later, but pray for us, because it would take a dedicated amount of time each week.  But the good side, is it would put me in a position to get to know the 250 members. 
Sunday afternoon we took Lauren out to eat at McDonalds, her first time in France.  During the meal, Arianna was brought in from the playplace by her brother crying, actually it was more of a laugh than cry.  I have a cut video of it, everytime she would try to move her arm she would start this laugh cry.  It was kind of cute.  Sunday, the doctors offices are closed, so we drove her to the Fire Departement, who didn't notice anything serious but suggested we take her to the emergency room in Carcassonne all the same.  So we took the family to the Emergency Room, and over two hours later left.  She had disclocated her elbow, but it ended up getting back into place between the x-ray and the doctor coming to examine it.  God bless, JASON

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