Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Caleb took one picture of our game :)

The boys after school.

The boys display their cars.

This past week seemed to have a basketball theme.  We had a good Bible study on Tuesday night, and then Wednesday started the basketball theme.  I teach the kids from 4:30 to 6, then have the adult practice from 8:30 to 10:30.  Thursday morning, I had a good hour with my language partner.  Got some good reading done and had time to help Angie rearrange to boys room, fix the clothes dryer, and the vacuum cleaner.  Thursday evening, before heading to basketball practice again, I spoke with AC Green on the phone.  AC Green is a former star NBA player, a christian, who now does public speaking about his time in the NBA.  He will be coming to Limoux in June to speak as part of our basketball outreach.  I am really excited about this opportunity and looking forward to it.  At practice afterwards, I was able to share with the guys about speaking with AC, they were impressed.  Friday evening we have a game in a town about an hour away.  Caleb came along. We played horribly, I won't even share the score, with you.   Everyone's game was off.  The only highlight was having pizza afterwards and visiting with the guys.  We made it back home at one in the morning.  I was up early Friday to help our friends daughter move into a new apartment at Narbonne (45 minutes away).  I had a good time talking on the way, and I enjoy ministering, even if it involves physical activity.  After getting back, I had a few moments with the family together, before Angie headed to the youth meeting in Carcassonne.  I helped the boys get their homework done, and fixed our printer that had a color that wasn't printing.  Sunday morning we arrived early to help the church in Carcassonne with the setup.  The rest of the day, I caught up with the family, and we enjoyed hearing the services of our home church as well.  Angie went to visit with a friend Monday morning.  On the way Arianna got car sick, at least it wasn't he stomach virus that has been going around.  Lilia is excited because she has a ski trip with her school this week. God bless, JASON

Monday, January 21, 2013

Changes in the weather.


The river is up from Wednesday's rain.


Lilia tries her ski outfit.
We have had some changing weather the last week.  Last Monday it snowed.  Tuesday, it hailed several times.  Wednesday, it rained all day long.  Thursday, we had sunshine.  Friday and Saturday and Sunday, mixed snow and rain.  Some parts of France were snowed in, but the snow didn't stick here.  Wednesday, which has become a basketball focused day, I prepared letters for all the parents with information and maps concerning the tournament for the kids on Sunday afternoon. I thought it was perfect, but found out that it said December 20th, instead of January.  Oh well.  Could have been worse.  Basketball went well, the kids were excited to have a chance to play other teams. (foreshadowing - continue to read) Thursday, I met with my language helper as usual, I do enjoy the time with him, just chatting, and also working towards continue to improve in the language.  Thursday afternoon, I got some good reading in.  I am currently reading a book on Catholics that was given to me by a pastor in the States this past summer.   Friday, I had planned on going to the market, but with the snow falling I stayed home.  We did run some errands in case we were snowed in.  While Angie was walking downtown, she threw her back out.  By the time she got back to the house, the pain was enough that she sat/laid on the floor for the rest of the morning.  However, we did have some good visiting, when the neighbor came to check on her.  Our neighbor is loaning Lilia clothes for her skiing trip coming up.  It has been a blessing, keeping us from having to go buy everything.  Friday afternoon, we had two more visits that went well.  One Christian lady is moving to Toulouse and wanted advice about some contacts that she is leaving behind and feels like that she is abandoning them.  We had a good conversation.  She came to church with us on Sunday.  Saturday, had a good time with the kids.  Angie was up and moving around again, praise the Lord!  We got all the kids homework done, knowing that they would be occupied with the game on Sunday (foreshadowing).  Saturday, I got a call from my dad saying my grandmother had had a heart attack.  She was care flighted to the hospital.  The could not insert a cath and surgery was not an option for someone her age.  She has recovered and is waiting to hear how much damage was done to her heart.  I think she may be released from the hospital today.  Sunday services went good, message spoke to me, and we enjoyed visiting afterwards.  The boys must have been bursting with excitement about their game that afternoon because their were very energetic.  At one moment, I looked over to see them wrestling on the floor in the middle of the room.  They were duly punished and we soon wrapped up things and left to stop by the house, eat a quick sandwich, change clothes, lay Arianna down for her nap (Lilia was going to stay home), and head back to Carcassonne.  We arrived to find the gym closed and everyone waiting.  Evidently the game was canceled and not everyone was contacted.  I was sad to have missed the opportunity to get to know the parents better, the boys were upset that they didn't get to play, but things like that happen and God is still in control.  We took the boys to a gas station and let them pick out a treat which made everything better.  Today so far, after all the kids got off to school, got my email cleaned up, some mid-month finances,  checked out the NBA scores (Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston are having decent seasons this year), and getting this blog done.  Looking forward to the Bible study tomorrow night.  Keep us in your prayers. God bless, JASON
Arianna enjoys a warm bubble bath (a Christmas present).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day by Day

We had quite a bit of snow fall Monday morning.  
I'm actually blogging earlier than normal this week.  Have a few minutes to spare so let me catch you up from the last few days (in a little more detail this time).  Saturday morning, just "chillin" with the kids, did have a couple of phone calls, and an errand to run.  We have a lady that attends our Bible study who has been having car trouble.  It has been in the shop for over a month.  I took her to the grocery store and she noticed that the mechanic wasn't at the shop like he said he would be, working on her car, so we stopped by the police station just to find out what course of action we could take if need be.  Saturday afternoon, Angie and Lilia went to a birthday party and youth meeting.  She had a lot of frosting left over from the cupcakes she had made so I got inspired and went into the kitchen.  While the boys played and Arianna took her nap, I made a chocolate cake, a marble cake, and banana bread.  I also made supper and had it ready when Angie and Lilia returned about 7:30.
Sunday morning services went well in Carcassonne.  We meant to leave right after services to get back to the house and get ready for some guests we had coming over, but we ended visiting a little just the same.  We met an English couple that come to a village near Limoux for vacation, they might come to our Bible study, which will be nice.  Angie translated the services for them Sunday.  Sunday afternoon, we had our neighbors come for a visit.  They have three boys, and we are thankful that we finally had the chance to get to know them better.  They do not practice any religion, so be in prayer for them that our conversations will convict them, and that we can have more opportunities to talk with them.  Sunday night, we didn't get to watch the services with our sending Church because their internet was down, but we did have a nice evening as a family.
Monday morning, took Lilia to school at 7:30, Andrew at 8:15, and Caleb and Micah at 8:40.  I planned on taking the morning off, cleaned up around the house a bit.  It has come up several times recently about handling cleaning, with large families.  Thankfully everyone helps out.  After a meal, the kids must unload the dishwasher and clean off the table before they leave the kitchen.  Then I rinse off the dishes and load the dishwasher, or wash by hand.  With laundry, we had a small washer and dryer (large by French standards), so we must do at least two loads of laundry a day.  I keep the washer and dryer going, Angie and Lilia fold and iron, and the boys put away.  Monday morning I also worked on a video and sent some messages about basketball.  I'm working with two seniors about going to play basketball in the States this next year at a university.  They are both excited and we are trying to get their videos and other information ready to send.  I also sorted out where I am with the Bible Studys, because in December we missed some weeks I was ahead on the Bible studies I had prepared.  I don't like being too far ahead because I like it to stay fresh in my mind.  I got all that straightened out.  I am thankful now that I have advanced a little more in the language that is does not take as long to prepare a Bible study.  Used to be, I would take a day and a half.  I still go over each study with my language partner orally, and then sent a written copy to a friend for him to proofread before actually posting it online.  Monday Afternoon I needed to go to the bank in Carcassonne to make a deposit (the bank in Limoux is closed) so I made the drive to find out that the bank in Carcassonne is now closed on Mondays as well.  Oh well.  I at least had coffee with Angie and Arianna took a nap in the car.  Afterwards, Angie took our friend shopping and visited with the neighbor while I made supper, and the kids did homework.
Tuesday morning (right now), I had a skype call with a pastor friend in Australia.  We went to seminary together and it has been nice to speak with him.  It encourages me to see God blessings on others.  He surely has blessed us.  I am also doing this blog and about to join Angie, who was with her language group to run to the bank (hopefully it is still open). I need to get Arianna ready to go.  God bless, JASON

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Back into the swing

Lilia sledding.

Lilia ice skating.

Arianna is longingly watching her brothers play outside.
What a good week we had.  Last Saturday, Angie took Lilia with a couple of friends to Carcassonne.  They went ice skating and did a little shopping.  They also got some free tickets for sledding as well. Sunday services went well.  We did not stay and eat because we had to get home and get homework done because the kids were back in school on Monday.  School went well for the kids.  The all continue to do well.  The government and president Hollande, are working on passing a rule allowing no homework for kids, adding weekly school hours, but shortening the school day.  I'm not sure if it will pass, but it will help us have more time if we are no longer having to help with kids with their homework.  Angie's resolution this year was to pick back up teaching the kids English, which she has done well this week.  We picked back up with basketball and we had "galette des rois" afterwards.  It was a nice treat for all the kids that I coach and also gave us the chance to get to know the parents some.  I met two English ladies whose boys play in Caleb's group.  During my practice I got poked in the eye, which has turned my eye all read on one half.  The boys and I think it is kind of cool.  It doesn't hurt thankfully.  Tuesday evening Bible study was real good.  After several weeks of people missing, we were finally all together and had a great time of discussion and prayers.  Friday mornings market went well.  It rained off and on, but I did have some good contacts before packing it up.  Angie is currently at a birthday party and then heading to the youth group.  She made about 30 cupcakes to take to the party and experimented with different icings;  which means, we have about a gallon of icing leftover in there.  I think I will go make some cakes and use up some of that icing.  Tomorrow after church we have our neighbors coming over, and that would be a good time to serve cake.  We were able to speak to Lauren, who will be coming at the end of the year to help us with the work here in Limoux. We are real excited about this opportunity. She will have a unique and helpful outreach.  I'd better be off, because those cakes are going to make themselves.  God bless, JASON 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sixth New Years in France

Annual Measuring

Can you find all 5 Clark kids?
Tuesday night New Years fun.
Christmas week finished well.  I still felt poorly until Friday.  Friday night we had some friends over for supper.  The weekend passed well, with me getting all the finances done, monthly report almost complete, and teaching the kids lesson at church on Sunday.  Monday, it was just our family that brought in the New Years together, we did plan to have some friends over, but those plans fell through.  Tuesday was New Years day, instead of the Bible study, we invited a lot of people over for an evening with finger foods.  We spent most of the day cooking. We had ten people come, and enjoyed a great time together. New Years is also the official day that we measure all the kids.  Arianna won the prize for most growth, having added 14 cm.  runners up were Andrew - 10cm, Lilia 9 cm, Micah 6 cm, and Caleb 5 cm.Wednesday was running errands, and cleaning.  Thursday we took the kids to downtown to ride the carousel and enjoyed some hot chocolate as well. We had some good calls to the states as well.  Looks like we will be having a young lady come from the states and join us in working in Limoux for two years.  We are excited about this opportunity.  Friday evening we had guests over for supper.  A family that moved here recently from Martinique.  Today, Angie has taken Lilia and her friends ice skating, and so it is me and the boys, working on homework and playing while Arianna takes her nap.God bless, JASON