Monday, January 21, 2013

Changes in the weather.


The river is up from Wednesday's rain.


Lilia tries her ski outfit.
We have had some changing weather the last week.  Last Monday it snowed.  Tuesday, it hailed several times.  Wednesday, it rained all day long.  Thursday, we had sunshine.  Friday and Saturday and Sunday, mixed snow and rain.  Some parts of France were snowed in, but the snow didn't stick here.  Wednesday, which has become a basketball focused day, I prepared letters for all the parents with information and maps concerning the tournament for the kids on Sunday afternoon. I thought it was perfect, but found out that it said December 20th, instead of January.  Oh well.  Could have been worse.  Basketball went well, the kids were excited to have a chance to play other teams. (foreshadowing - continue to read) Thursday, I met with my language helper as usual, I do enjoy the time with him, just chatting, and also working towards continue to improve in the language.  Thursday afternoon, I got some good reading in.  I am currently reading a book on Catholics that was given to me by a pastor in the States this past summer.   Friday, I had planned on going to the market, but with the snow falling I stayed home.  We did run some errands in case we were snowed in.  While Angie was walking downtown, she threw her back out.  By the time she got back to the house, the pain was enough that she sat/laid on the floor for the rest of the morning.  However, we did have some good visiting, when the neighbor came to check on her.  Our neighbor is loaning Lilia clothes for her skiing trip coming up.  It has been a blessing, keeping us from having to go buy everything.  Friday afternoon, we had two more visits that went well.  One Christian lady is moving to Toulouse and wanted advice about some contacts that she is leaving behind and feels like that she is abandoning them.  We had a good conversation.  She came to church with us on Sunday.  Saturday, had a good time with the kids.  Angie was up and moving around again, praise the Lord!  We got all the kids homework done, knowing that they would be occupied with the game on Sunday (foreshadowing).  Saturday, I got a call from my dad saying my grandmother had had a heart attack.  She was care flighted to the hospital.  The could not insert a cath and surgery was not an option for someone her age.  She has recovered and is waiting to hear how much damage was done to her heart.  I think she may be released from the hospital today.  Sunday services went good, message spoke to me, and we enjoyed visiting afterwards.  The boys must have been bursting with excitement about their game that afternoon because their were very energetic.  At one moment, I looked over to see them wrestling on the floor in the middle of the room.  They were duly punished and we soon wrapped up things and left to stop by the house, eat a quick sandwich, change clothes, lay Arianna down for her nap (Lilia was going to stay home), and head back to Carcassonne.  We arrived to find the gym closed and everyone waiting.  Evidently the game was canceled and not everyone was contacted.  I was sad to have missed the opportunity to get to know the parents better, the boys were upset that they didn't get to play, but things like that happen and God is still in control.  We took the boys to a gas station and let them pick out a treat which made everything better.  Today so far, after all the kids got off to school, got my email cleaned up, some mid-month finances,  checked out the NBA scores (Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston are having decent seasons this year), and getting this blog done.  Looking forward to the Bible study tomorrow night.  Keep us in your prayers. God bless, JASON
Arianna enjoys a warm bubble bath (a Christmas present).

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