Saturday, January 12, 2013

Back into the swing

Lilia sledding.

Lilia ice skating.

Arianna is longingly watching her brothers play outside.
What a good week we had.  Last Saturday, Angie took Lilia with a couple of friends to Carcassonne.  They went ice skating and did a little shopping.  They also got some free tickets for sledding as well. Sunday services went well.  We did not stay and eat because we had to get home and get homework done because the kids were back in school on Monday.  School went well for the kids.  The all continue to do well.  The government and president Hollande, are working on passing a rule allowing no homework for kids, adding weekly school hours, but shortening the school day.  I'm not sure if it will pass, but it will help us have more time if we are no longer having to help with kids with their homework.  Angie's resolution this year was to pick back up teaching the kids English, which she has done well this week.  We picked back up with basketball and we had "galette des rois" afterwards.  It was a nice treat for all the kids that I coach and also gave us the chance to get to know the parents some.  I met two English ladies whose boys play in Caleb's group.  During my practice I got poked in the eye, which has turned my eye all read on one half.  The boys and I think it is kind of cool.  It doesn't hurt thankfully.  Tuesday evening Bible study was real good.  After several weeks of people missing, we were finally all together and had a great time of discussion and prayers.  Friday mornings market went well.  It rained off and on, but I did have some good contacts before packing it up.  Angie is currently at a birthday party and then heading to the youth group.  She made about 30 cupcakes to take to the party and experimented with different icings;  which means, we have about a gallon of icing leftover in there.  I think I will go make some cakes and use up some of that icing.  Tomorrow after church we have our neighbors coming over, and that would be a good time to serve cake.  We were able to speak to Lauren, who will be coming at the end of the year to help us with the work here in Limoux. We are real excited about this opportunity. She will have a unique and helpful outreach.  I'd better be off, because those cakes are going to make themselves.  God bless, JASON 

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