Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sixth New Years in France

Annual Measuring

Can you find all 5 Clark kids?
Tuesday night New Years fun.
Christmas week finished well.  I still felt poorly until Friday.  Friday night we had some friends over for supper.  The weekend passed well, with me getting all the finances done, monthly report almost complete, and teaching the kids lesson at church on Sunday.  Monday, it was just our family that brought in the New Years together, we did plan to have some friends over, but those plans fell through.  Tuesday was New Years day, instead of the Bible study, we invited a lot of people over for an evening with finger foods.  We spent most of the day cooking. We had ten people come, and enjoyed a great time together. New Years is also the official day that we measure all the kids.  Arianna won the prize for most growth, having added 14 cm.  runners up were Andrew - 10cm, Lilia 9 cm, Micah 6 cm, and Caleb 5 cm.Wednesday was running errands, and cleaning.  Thursday we took the kids to downtown to ride the carousel and enjoyed some hot chocolate as well. We had some good calls to the states as well.  Looks like we will be having a young lady come from the states and join us in working in Limoux for two years.  We are excited about this opportunity.  Friday evening we had guests over for supper.  A family that moved here recently from Martinique.  Today, Angie has taken Lilia and her friends ice skating, and so it is me and the boys, working on homework and playing while Arianna takes her nap.God bless, JASON

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