Saturday, March 23, 2013


It starts out good. . .
being sweet and posing for the camera, when . . .

. . .suddenly, Micah gets slapped. . .

. . .things go downhill . . .


A good Daddy daughter look.

Angie took a picture while walking behind our house.

Boys playing outside during the springtime weather.

A flower in our flower pot finally bloomed.
Time has gotten away from me again.  Last week went well.  Here are some highlights.  We had our first beginners Bible study.  Two were present and we had a good (and lengthy) discussion.   Last weekend the boys (my team) had a basketball tournament.  It went well because between games we had time to meet the parents and get to know them better,  Even though our team lost all games, we still had a good time playing and they had improved.  We were missing three of our players and they happen to be the three oldest and so that hurt us.  I also had the chance to meet with leaders of the basketball program and discuss the option of having AC Green speak at the big end-of-the-year tournament which will be June 9th.  Tuesday evening we had our regular Bible study, which was good because we had missed a few weeks due to the school vacation and people being out of town.  Thursday at lunch I took a bite of my sandwich and was suddenly chewing on a tooth.  My front tooth broke off where it had been fixed after breaking about 22 years ago.  I got a dentist appointment for the following day.  I still played in our basketball game that night.  It was an important game for us, because it was against the team that is tied with us for first place.  The game was close but we lost.  We had one of our team members ejected after loosing his temper at the referee and throwing the ball.  Friday morning I went to the dentist, it was sad because I missed going to the market during the beautiful weather, but I was really glad to get the tooth fixed.  Now it is just a matter of time to get used to the new shape in my mouth.  Friday afternoon we didn't have the beginner Bible study, I called before hand and they were busy.  They shared about some problems they were having with another person.  A situation we run into frequently it seems.  I end up playing the referee. Pray for us and these situations. Friday night is family night, we let the boys watch the French Top Chef program.  It is neat how much they like it, and they always re-enact it for several days afterwards.  After every meal they will discuss which dish they liked best and why.  Angie will be going to youth meeting this afternoon.  I will be leading the service at church tomorrow.  I pray you have a good week.  God bless, JASON

Monday, March 11, 2013

Grillade vs. Grillage

Arianna combs Caleb's hair.

Lilia shows me something on he cell phone.
Arianna's new thing is to get people to show their foreheads.

Grillade or Grillage

Arianna and Andrew singing Sunday morning. 
The second week of vacation went real well.  The main thing accomplished was getting a fence installed across the back yard.  Our back yard is elevated have 12 feet and Angie has always worried about the kids falling off while playing back there.  So I finally got around to putting up a fence across the 21 meter space.  It took a couple of days worth of afternoons, but it is finished and looks nice.  Thankfully I already had the wire fencing, so I only had to buy the posts, stuff to make the gate, and hardware.  So for about $100 dollars we got a fence.  We were blessed with nice weather this past week as well.  One day it got up to 68 degrees.  Angie was sick for the first half of last week, her and Arianna had a cold.  In other news, looks like we will be soon starting a second Bible study.  We had three interested in a Bible study one afternoon, aimed more for beginners.  We just need to settle on which day.  We had some visitors over last night and had a good visit and end to our vacation.  I enjoyed getting the boys outside working.  We were able to finish up the fence and make several repairs, car windshield wipers, brake light, hot water heater leak, and a good spring cleaning as well.  Looks like things will be cooling off in a couple of days.  We are supposed to have snow Wednesday.  The title of this blog highlights my latest language blunder.  Yes, those still happen occasionally and I suppose they always will.  I was at the hardware store and went up to the help desk to ask were the fencing material was, so I used the word "grillade" for fence.  She pointed out the barbecue pits and charcoal sitting close by.  Questioningly, I explained I wanted to make an inclosure.  Then I could see the light come on, "You mean "grillage" she said." ( "Grillade" means "grilling".)  Yep, that's what I meant.  God bless, JASON

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Three countries in one hour

We had a great visit with our friends.  It was interesting how they arrived.  We expected them sometime Friday, but could not get an exact time because their phones were not working.  We estimated based on their last posts on facebook.  They still had not arrived by the time we got the boys from school.  After we picked them up we needed to stop by the store, which is right next to McDonalds.  Guess who was in the parking lot! That's right, there they were.  We had a good evening and the kids spent all day Saturday playing together.  While the ladies shopped and then Angie took Lilia and their older two girls to the youth meeting.  Sunday we all enjoyed the services in Carcassonne.  I translated as best as I could for them.  We had a nice restful afternoon.  I caught our home services, while most others played or slept. 
 Monday we had a birthday party for their son, Luca, affectionately called Bubbha.  It was at a nice play/party place called Royal Kids.  They had one of the largest play areas I have even seen.  The kids had a great time playing together. It went well, because we had very cold temperatures over the weekend and it snowed most of the time, but didn't stick thankfully.  So it was great that the kids got to play indoors. 

 Lilia had a great time with their three daughters,  They stayed up late every night.  I took them to the ranch to see the horses, and chickens.  They were more interested in the horses.  
.  Wednesday, the weather was nice and so Dave and I drove with the three oldest girls to Spain and then Andorra.  We enjoyed some Burger King in Andorra and the drive was beautiful.  Thankfully all the roads were clear.  Our friends left at noon on Thursday, but the kids did not have long to be sad, because a box we were expecting from my parents arrived, about twenty minutes later.  They enjoyed exploring all the goodies.  Angie had fun playing with the Kindle that I got her for Christmas.  We spent the rest of the day getting the house in order.  Friday, I ran a few errands in town, and replaced a windshield wiper and brake light on the car.  I also got our finances balanced and our tax information turned in. Today I need to work on our monthly report and also work in the garden some.  God bless, JASON