Monday, March 11, 2013

Grillade vs. Grillage

Arianna combs Caleb's hair.

Lilia shows me something on he cell phone.
Arianna's new thing is to get people to show their foreheads.

Grillade or Grillage

Arianna and Andrew singing Sunday morning. 
The second week of vacation went real well.  The main thing accomplished was getting a fence installed across the back yard.  Our back yard is elevated have 12 feet and Angie has always worried about the kids falling off while playing back there.  So I finally got around to putting up a fence across the 21 meter space.  It took a couple of days worth of afternoons, but it is finished and looks nice.  Thankfully I already had the wire fencing, so I only had to buy the posts, stuff to make the gate, and hardware.  So for about $100 dollars we got a fence.  We were blessed with nice weather this past week as well.  One day it got up to 68 degrees.  Angie was sick for the first half of last week, her and Arianna had a cold.  In other news, looks like we will be soon starting a second Bible study.  We had three interested in a Bible study one afternoon, aimed more for beginners.  We just need to settle on which day.  We had some visitors over last night and had a good visit and end to our vacation.  I enjoyed getting the boys outside working.  We were able to finish up the fence and make several repairs, car windshield wipers, brake light, hot water heater leak, and a good spring cleaning as well.  Looks like things will be cooling off in a couple of days.  We are supposed to have snow Wednesday.  The title of this blog highlights my latest language blunder.  Yes, those still happen occasionally and I suppose they always will.  I was at the hardware store and went up to the help desk to ask were the fencing material was, so I used the word "grillade" for fence.  She pointed out the barbecue pits and charcoal sitting close by.  Questioningly, I explained I wanted to make an inclosure.  Then I could see the light come on, "You mean "grillage" she said." ( "Grillade" means "grilling".)  Yep, that's what I meant.  God bless, JASON

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