Saturday, March 2, 2013

Three countries in one hour

We had a great visit with our friends.  It was interesting how they arrived.  We expected them sometime Friday, but could not get an exact time because their phones were not working.  We estimated based on their last posts on facebook.  They still had not arrived by the time we got the boys from school.  After we picked them up we needed to stop by the store, which is right next to McDonalds.  Guess who was in the parking lot! That's right, there they were.  We had a good evening and the kids spent all day Saturday playing together.  While the ladies shopped and then Angie took Lilia and their older two girls to the youth meeting.  Sunday we all enjoyed the services in Carcassonne.  I translated as best as I could for them.  We had a nice restful afternoon.  I caught our home services, while most others played or slept. 
 Monday we had a birthday party for their son, Luca, affectionately called Bubbha.  It was at a nice play/party place called Royal Kids.  They had one of the largest play areas I have even seen.  The kids had a great time playing together. It went well, because we had very cold temperatures over the weekend and it snowed most of the time, but didn't stick thankfully.  So it was great that the kids got to play indoors. 

 Lilia had a great time with their three daughters,  They stayed up late every night.  I took them to the ranch to see the horses, and chickens.  They were more interested in the horses.  
.  Wednesday, the weather was nice and so Dave and I drove with the three oldest girls to Spain and then Andorra.  We enjoyed some Burger King in Andorra and the drive was beautiful.  Thankfully all the roads were clear.  Our friends left at noon on Thursday, but the kids did not have long to be sad, because a box we were expecting from my parents arrived, about twenty minutes later.  They enjoyed exploring all the goodies.  Angie had fun playing with the Kindle that I got her for Christmas.  We spent the rest of the day getting the house in order.  Friday, I ran a few errands in town, and replaced a windshield wiper and brake light on the car.  I also got our finances balanced and our tax information turned in. Today I need to work on our monthly report and also work in the garden some.  God bless, JASON

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