Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Warm spell

My team getting ready to play.
 We enjoyed warmer weather this past week.  It warmed up to 60 a couple of those days.  That allowed us to get outside.  The boys really needed to burn some energy.  They enjoyed getting their bikes out, which required an hour of bike repair for me.  They played basketball and soccer, and Arianna and Lilia even joined in at times.  We also were able to work some more in the garden.  We should soon be able to plant a few things. 
Lilia takes a self portrait.
 Last week, I put a lot of time in the office.  I prepared several things for the Bible study, handouts and future lessons.  Also, I prepared for leading the services in Carcassonne on Sunday morning.  We did enjoy the Bible study last week.  One couple came and we finished up John 8. 
Arianna was impressed by the stack of cans.
 By Friday the weather had turned rainy again, so I didn't make it to the market.  Angie was able to get out several times last week.  She visited with the neighbors, walked, and exercised with some friends.  Saturday evening we spoke with Lauren, who will be arriving in September to work with us.  We had a good talk and are really looking forward to working with her.
Sunday services went well, we had several of our recent contacts from Limoux, come for the services.  My part of the services went well.  I enjoyed it, at least.  Sunday afternoon, my basketball team and I had our first tournament.  We played three games.  We lost all three, but not by much. My team did well.  Lilia stayed home with Arianna so that Angie could go and meet people.  She was blessed to find a seat beside a young lady, who ended up reading her Bible.  Angie had a good conversation with her, they ended up being baptists.  I was proud of my team, they showed good progress, especially Andrew, who managed to dribble, steal, get rebounds, and shoot.  Monday, I attended a meeting of churches in Toulouse.  I had a good time and learned about some new ministries that are available to churches here in France.  I enjoyed the fellowship and was able to share about our upcoming basketball outreach. 
A spider web glistening in the morning sun.
We didn't have anyone present for Bible study last night, well one lady came, but she requesting having some one on one time with Angie to talk about some things, so Angie and her went out and had coffee.  Meanwhile, I used the time, with Caleb's help, to make a few videos to put on youtube.  It has been a year since I posted anything.  For the rest of the week, today will mostly be basketball and shopping.  Tomorrow, language work and preparing for our friends, the Manary family, who will be driving in from Romania and arriving on Friday.  The weather is supposed to turn cold again this weekend, so hopefully I can get some more yard work done today.  God bless, JASON

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