Saturday, July 28, 2012

Church Camps

Our group at Bogg Springs.

Lilia passed the ropes course and waits to do the zip line.

Arianna got sleepy at camp but she did well.

We had a really good time at church camp that last two weeks.  First we attended Bogg Springs in Arkansas with a group of 11 from our church, including Lilia.  It was our first time to attend this camp and we had a good time meeting new people, as well as getting to know the teens from our church better.  The second weeek we attended Pine Springs camp, a camp I attended since I was a kid.  This time our whole family went making a total of 22 from our church that attended.  I had a great time reconnection with old friends.  I helped in music, teaching, and preaching, and handled the basketball tournament.  There were 20 who accepted Christ as their Savior!  We are back in Hillsboro for a short break, we will be heading down for an appointment Sunday in San Antonio, and we will visit Angie's little brother on the way.  Monday we will head out for a long journey to the North East.  Enjoy some pictures from Church camp.  God bless, JASON

Preaching at Pine Springs.
Leading the childrens choir at Pine Springs.  You can see Lilia,
Caleb and Micah.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Halfway through July

Hanging out at Angie's brother's house.
My family all together.

Hanging out at my little sister's house.

We enjoyed spending the 4th of July with my younger sister and her family.  We watched the fireworks from their church parking lot.  We were able the following days to see Angies grandmother, her parents, an uncle, and her older brother.  Sunday morning we visited with a church in Tyler and that evening in Longview.  Monday we headed over to my parents and spent a week visiting with them and also my sisters.  We had a house full, the first time in a while that we were all together.  We are spending today at our home church.  Tomorrow we will head out for church camp with the teenagers from the church.  I am looking forward to getting to know them better.  Church camp means also that I will be "un-connected" for the next week.  God bless, JASON
At the zoo.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Going to and fro

Arianna has no fear about jumping into the pool.

Micah and Andrew show off their wrinkled hands.

Us with the Manary Family.

The Taylors eating with us (not pictured are their 5 kids,
and our 5).

Well we have been travelling all over since the ABA meeting.  After the ABA meeting and the following Sunday appointments, we spent a few days in Henderson, visiting with family.  We also had a great surprise as the Manary family, missionaries in Romania, were in town as well.  We hung out together for a few days and then headed to North Little Rock, Arkansas, and spent the day with the Raburns, our mentors and ministry parents in a sense.  From there we travelled down to Monticello and spent a few days with the Taylor family, missionaries in Kenya, who were heading back soon.  We enjoyed spending time with them and even had the chance to help them pack up a container.  From there we travelled back through North Little Rock and on to Henderson were we had two appointments that went real well.  We were able to see the baptism of one of my cousins as well.  This week we are once again visiting with the Manary family.  And we are also helping Dad work on the house some.  This Wednesday is July 4th, Independence Day, and we will be going to church with my sister and enjoying fireworks afterwards.  God bless, JASON. 

The kids enjoy attending Vacation Bible School at one of our stops.