Monday, April 4, 2016

Almost a year gone by

I have a few minutes here, let me catch you up.  Seems like  I ended the last blog stating that I would not invest much time in blogging.  True to my word, it has been almost a year.  Let me give you a few highlights.  Summer last year flew by.  We moved into a new house end of June ( with a pool) . We had a Basketball Youth Frameworks team that came, followed by an English camp team.  Thankfully, had Eli help out during the whole month of August. At the same time they left, Angie, Arianna, and Lilia returned to the states to get Lilia enrolled in school in North Little Rock.  The trip went well, she got into a good school and good swim club.  I was alone with the boys for the whole month of August, but we had a good time as well. Hosted Daryl, local college kid for a few weeks and had some good fun.  
School started at the first of September.  Lauren left to return to the states after spending two years working with us here.  We have missed her.  Angie returned a few days later, and we all attended the missionary retreat in Athens Greece.  Had a wonderful and refreshing time as usual.  Throughout the school year the Bible study attendance grew.  It has been a busy year, I added being president of the basketball club to already being president of the AVF.  Angie's father was diagnosed with advanced cancer in December, and Angie make a quick trip home to stay by his side for the last three weeks of his life.  She returned with Lilia and we enjoyed spending the holidays all together. 
My parents visited in the later part of January, and we really enjoyed seeing them and showing them around.  Introducing them to everyone.  We even made a music video while they were here...

My grandmother, Juanita Clark, passed away as my parents were leaving. We are currently preparing for a longer furlough this year.  We really need to spend more time with our family, with churches, with friends, with Lilia... and need to get our kids english level back up.  We still have a lot to do to get ready.  Hopefully  I will be better at keeping you up to date.  Blessings, JASON