Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tests are in, school is over.

School finished well. We finished and corrected the last tests. Students met for the last times and said our goodbyes and prayed for eachother. We also received the TCF test results. We both received a level B2. As always Angie's grade was better than mine in fact she was close to a C1 level. About these levels, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. They are levels of language speaking ability. A1 would be beginners who can just speak greetings and ask simple questions. C2 would be levels that most french have not even attained, more for French teachers. Our level B2 is described as

Intermédiaire avancé

Maîtrise générale et spontanée de la langue. La personne peut comprendre l'essentiel d'un texte complexe. Elle peut participer à une conversation sur un sujet général ou professionnel de façon claire et détaillée en donnant des avis argumentés.

I have no idea what all that means. No just kidding. . . General mastery and spontanaity with the language. The person can understand the essential of a difficult text. The person can participate in a conversation about a general or professional subject in a manner clear and detailled while giving their points of vue or argumentative opinions. Of course the learning will never stop. Our vocabulary will continue to grow, we plan on finding language partners to help our conversational skills continue to grow as well.

As of right now I am waiting to hear the final answer from the real estate agent. We really appreciated the help of the the school and our contacts in the south who we able to vouch for us and get the process moving again. The kids do not finish school until Thursday, we will spend the time between now and them packing, securing our housing, and researching more about a car loan. Attached pictures are from the church kermesse (fair or bazaar) for the kids. Andrew did not go but he did not want to be left out so we did what we could. God bless, JASON

Monday, June 22, 2009


This weekend was the celebration of music in France. There have been concerts and activities all weekend. Saturday night there was a firework show. We wanted to take the kids but it does not get dark until about 11 at night. We decided why not and stipulated that they must have a nap Saturday and Sunday to make up for it. We ended up having a wonderful time. We got there about 10:30 and bought the kids some fancy flashlights to play with while we waited. There must have been several thousand people there in the park, and no telling how many others viewing from their apartments and other parts of the city. We were not sure how Andrew would react to the fireworks because Caleb never liked the noise of them and spent his first few shows burying his face in Mommy or Daddy's shoulder, but after the first ones went off, Andrew said, "Wow!" It was amazing. The theme was "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". It was celebrating the anniversary of landing on the moon. It was well choreagraphed (spelling?) with the music that played on the loud speakers.  We ended up walking down and watching some of the concert after the fireworks were over. Overall the night was a wonderful success. Which led to a three hour nap for everyone Sunday afternoon. That was an excellent fathers day gift.
Sunday morning we enjoyed hearing from some representatives of the French chapter of the Gideons. There was some great testimonies and I will be sure to look them up in our region in the south. The house hunt still continues, we sent our paperwork today to another prospect. We pray that all will go well. School went well today. Two more tests behind us and one more to go. God bless, JASON

Sunday, June 21, 2009

House Situation

Long story short-The tax office says that we are not taxable because Jason was a student last year. The real estate agency says the insurance that homeowners take out to cover their rental properties, should the renters not pay, will not take on any tenants who are not taxable in France. The agency tells us that the majority of the rental properties are covered by such insurance. The only other way to guarantee that we would pay would pay be for us to put up at least 6 months rent in advance (around $7000). So we have begun with all haste searching for a house that is not rented out through an agency so that we can explain our situation directly to the owner and hope that he does not use this kind of insurance. We have found one house a 3 story townhouse,of which we haven't even seen a photo that might be a possibility. I have spoken to the owner and he still needs to look over our documents. I feel terrible that I am so disappointed that our one option at this point has no yard. I should be rejoicing that there is even an option being that we have two weeks to be out of this appartment. It does have a big garage that we could put play equipment in. We are still searching and praying. I was sharing all this with one of our classmates about the 6 months rent in advance and how that could be possible but with the timing and our language school still not paid for yet it would really be unrealistic. Please pray with us that we will find the right place for us and the timing will work out. Thanks, ANGIE

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Avis d'imposition

We received a letter from the real estate agent that said . . . actually we couldn't understand what it said. We knew it said we were rejected but we could not tell why. So we took it to the language school where . . . no one know what it meant. So finally we received a call from the agent. What is boils down to is the home owner has insurance that requires that the renters have an "avis d'imposition". That is a French tax paper stating the annual income of the person. No problem we say, we do we get it. Angie went to the office and asked about it. They said that they would need our tax papers for the last two years. Those are being sent to us and should arrive tomorrow. Angie forgot to ask while she was there how long it would take to receive the avis d'imposition. So hopefully when she goes with the paperwork tomorrow they will be able to get it to her right away. Not likely.
School is going well, mainly because the end is almost here. That does not mean that the homework load is any lighter unfortunately. I just realize that it has been a while since I included a quote from Micah. Here is one from today. I said to him, "I'll give you four or five more minutes to clean your room. He said, "I choose five." The picture is from when Micah's class went on a field trip to the woods. On the way back he was tired from all the running around. Angie, who went along with them, took this picture on the bus ride back. God bless, JASON

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Thursday went well. It was the only day this week that we did not have a test. After school we had some friends over for supper as a little birthday party for me. We had a wonderful time. As a meal I requested Salmon, green beans, Risotto, and garlic bread. It was great. Friday after school (test included) other friends invited us over for another celebration at their house, with Tacos. It was great. So far 31 feels about the same as 30. We have a little more homework than normal this weekend. I took the kids to the park this afternoon to let Angie get a head start on it. We are still waiting to hear from the real estate agent concerning our house. I just realized that we only have two weeks of school left. Things are going to get busy quick after that, especially if we do not have our house closed on. Attached is my birthday picture with the kids. They were real sweet. Lilia carried everything for me on the way home. Caleb had made me 6 birthday cards. Micah after he finished eating, laid his head on the table and sighed and then said, "Happy Birthday Dad." God bless, JASON

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The week is passing well. We finished three tests already this week. The main test was today. The TCF (test de connaissance de la langue française) is a test that tests the french level of foreigners. We took the parts "grammaire", oral comprehension, and reading comprehension. There are two other parts that were optional oral and written expression. We opted not to take them. The test took about and hour and a half. It was difficult at times. The questions are organized so that they get harder the further you go. In three weeks we should have the results. They will be program down by section so that we will know what areas we are weaker in and which we are stronger in. I am hoping for a level B2. I will explain later exactly what that is. Thanks for the prayers . We are still waiting to hear if we have been approved for the house in Limoux. I got a call yesterday from the real estate agent saying he needed another paper. I wrote it quickly and got it signed by our missions treasurer and faxed it the next day. Hopefully we will be hearing from them soon. Attached picture is from Caleb's end of school program last week. He in the center. He did an excellent job. God bless, JASON

Sunday, June 7, 2009

And we're off.

Andrew's birthday party went real well. We had to change plans because it was raining so we had it at the house instead. It went really well and was well attended. Services went well this morning. I enjoy going to church. I have often heard people say that they can worship just as well at home, so why go to church. My first question to them is "Well do you? (have services at home)" Most of the time they do not. God however, commands and demonstrated by example that we need to go to church. Going to a place with other Christians to serve, worship, and learn. I heard once of a man who stopped going to church, whatever the reason. The pastor when to visit him one cold morning. The man let him in and without a word they sat down in the living room in front of the fire. The was an uncomfortable silence as either did not know what to say. Suddenly the pastor had an idea. He went to the fire place and racked one of the red glowing coals out of the fire and then sat back down. The coal faded to black in a matter of minutes. Then the pastor went back and put the coal back in with the others, it was just a matter of seconds before it was glowing red again. The pastor then got his coat to leave and as he walked out the man said, "Thanks for the sermon pastor, I will be back next Sunday." I enjoyed sitting in the French services this morning, I worshiped God, I learned more about him, and I served. I also enjoyed being in our home church's services through Skype.
Now that the kids are tucked in, we're off to the homework. Part of the homework that I will looking forward to is preparing some bible lessons in French. Enjoy the pictures from Andrew's birthday party and God bless, JASON

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday again.

We have had a busy but productive Friday. Today is Andrew's birthday. He is now three years old. We will have a party with his friends at the language school garden tomorrow. He is pictured above playing soccer, he has a good level of skill already. He has already got it down to say three and hold up the three fingers when someone asks how old he is.

Last week we sent our papers by email to the real estate agent in Limoux. We never heard anything from him. We called earlier in the week and left messages but received no call back. Angie called and got a hold of the secretary today. She said that the could not open the PDF files. Okay. Angie asked why they didn't but the lady had no answer. So we got them faxed this evening.

In slightly less amazing news, Barak Obama arrived at Orly Airport today, just about 2 miles from where we live. He plans to be here for the D-day festivities in the North. I do not think that he plans on coming to the birthday party.

This weekend I have a lot of school work to do. We have a test Monday and Tuesday. The big language test on Wednesday. I have a short lesson to bring Monday and the chapel service to do Friday. And on top of that our usual homework. But right now it is time to enjoy a movie with the birthday boy. God bless, JASON

Monday, June 1, 2009

Scuba Diving

Lilia's French language teacher offered for her students, all of whom are foreign, to take part in an initiation to scuba diving (plongée) with a club that she is a part of at the local omnisports center. We are very thankful to her teacher for her thoughtfulness in offering the opportunity for Lilia to do this for free. Lilia had a great time with several of her classmates last Saturday. She said that it was fun and she really liked it. She had fun learning the hand signals to communicate underwater and retreiving the items from the bottom of the pool. The instructors were very patient with the kids and did a great job. First they fitted them with fins and a mask then taught them how to pop their ears (which is important for later on deeper dives), and then they taught them the hand signals. Afterwards they got started getting used to breathing with the mouthpiece and oxygen tank, which Lilia said hurt her mouth sometimes. Lilia was shivering most of the time because they weren't swimming just going up and down in the water. Finally in the end she got to swim underwater for a distance a few times but when she got out she was very grateful for the warm showers they had there. When all was finished Lilia received a Certificate of Baptism- how do you like that-Nothing religious about it, it was a certificate of immersion! -ANGIE

Pics of the house

Sorry, I forgot to attach these yesterday. ANGIE