Sunday, June 21, 2009

House Situation

Long story short-The tax office says that we are not taxable because Jason was a student last year. The real estate agency says the insurance that homeowners take out to cover their rental properties, should the renters not pay, will not take on any tenants who are not taxable in France. The agency tells us that the majority of the rental properties are covered by such insurance. The only other way to guarantee that we would pay would pay be for us to put up at least 6 months rent in advance (around $7000). So we have begun with all haste searching for a house that is not rented out through an agency so that we can explain our situation directly to the owner and hope that he does not use this kind of insurance. We have found one house a 3 story townhouse,of which we haven't even seen a photo that might be a possibility. I have spoken to the owner and he still needs to look over our documents. I feel terrible that I am so disappointed that our one option at this point has no yard. I should be rejoicing that there is even an option being that we have two weeks to be out of this appartment. It does have a big garage that we could put play equipment in. We are still searching and praying. I was sharing all this with one of our classmates about the 6 months rent in advance and how that could be possible but with the timing and our language school still not paid for yet it would really be unrealistic. Please pray with us that we will find the right place for us and the timing will work out. Thanks, ANGIE


Gareth said...

The tax exemption is quite a god send if your young ones are students, it can really help with savings especially in times like these.

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for you! We know that none of this is too hard for God!

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