Sunday, June 7, 2009

And we're off.

Andrew's birthday party went real well. We had to change plans because it was raining so we had it at the house instead. It went really well and was well attended. Services went well this morning. I enjoy going to church. I have often heard people say that they can worship just as well at home, so why go to church. My first question to them is "Well do you? (have services at home)" Most of the time they do not. God however, commands and demonstrated by example that we need to go to church. Going to a place with other Christians to serve, worship, and learn. I heard once of a man who stopped going to church, whatever the reason. The pastor when to visit him one cold morning. The man let him in and without a word they sat down in the living room in front of the fire. The was an uncomfortable silence as either did not know what to say. Suddenly the pastor had an idea. He went to the fire place and racked one of the red glowing coals out of the fire and then sat back down. The coal faded to black in a matter of minutes. Then the pastor went back and put the coal back in with the others, it was just a matter of seconds before it was glowing red again. The pastor then got his coat to leave and as he walked out the man said, "Thanks for the sermon pastor, I will be back next Sunday." I enjoyed sitting in the French services this morning, I worshiped God, I learned more about him, and I served. I also enjoyed being in our home church's services through Skype.
Now that the kids are tucked in, we're off to the homework. Part of the homework that I will looking forward to is preparing some bible lessons in French. Enjoy the pictures from Andrew's birthday party and God bless, JASON

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