Thursday, January 16, 2014

A New Year 2014

Let me try to cath you up.  After Christmas comes New Year, we had a party were we invited our friends over on Monday night.  Only about half could make it but we had a good time sharing about past New Year's memories and traditions.  As you can see in the photo above, we had plenty of food and snacks.

 As far as our New Years, we decided to actually let the kids stay up this year.  About 11:30 we all had a snack of pancakes (pictured above).  The kids made it to midnight - were we had a time of prayer as a family. 
 New Years is the day were all the kids get measured.  Arianna is pictured below.  I posted the numbers for the year.  Arianna once again won the trophy for the most growth at 11cm.  It is good to see that Lilia is slowing down, if not she would have certainly been taller than me. 

The days following New Years, Angie and Lauren did some site seeing.  They visited the Walled City of Carcassonne, Queribus (view from the top pictured above), and the gorges of Gallumus.  They had a good time, and if was actually the fist touristy stuff that Lauren has gotten to do.  Soon school started.  The Christmas vacations went very well.  A lot of good time with the family.

Everyone got right back into the swing of things.  Arianna drew the above picture at school one day, and when I asked what it was, she said that it is baby Jesus and that she told all her friends about him.  How sweet! 

One afternoone, when we returned from guitar lessons, we noticed the above note attached to our door.  Caleb was explaining the he walked over to a friends house.  We thought he did pretty good for his english considering.  Other things happenning . . .We are making plans for a English teaching/VBS team to come see us in June.  We have been busy getting prices figured out so we can get a figure for how much the team members need to raise.  We have a lot of exciting things planned to do with them, even delivering homemade cookies to the firemen.  I am also helping Lauren purchase a car. She shopped around a little and finally settled on one.  We finished the paperwork for it today, a Toyota Yaris, and she will be able to pick it in a week.  Now she just needs to learn to drive it, as it is a stick shift.  :) I have also been helping repair computers for several people.  It seems with Christmas arriving, several people asked for computers and need help setting them up.  I don't mind as I gives me good contacts and helps me stay up to date with what is new.  Currently Angie is taking a friend to do some paperwork and I will soon need to get the kids.  Market tomorrow, meeting in the afternoon.  Computer repair Saturday morning, meeting to look at a rental house for the team saturday afternoon, saturday evening guest will have supper with us.  Sunday morning church, afternoon kids basketball game, sunday night English service, Monday I have a couple of meetings and hopefully can do some work on the growing honey-do list.  God bless, JASON