Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring in the Air

For the winter break, we took a trip up into the mountains to sled with the kids.

This is just a random picture the camera took by accident.
Wow, what to say since my last post in mi-Febuary.  Our Bible studies are doing well.  French Sunday morning service has continued growing.  We have more than doubled in the amount of visitors attending.  The kids Bible study hit a high of 10, and has had nine several times since. I have been having come good conversations with atheists, catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, and others.  We have found a new house and will most likely be moving into it in the middle of June.  It is a little bigger, has two bathrooms, and is better laid out for having guests.  The kids are excited about it having a pool, I am more excited that it comes with a built in chicken coup.  Last year I did a wedding at a caste a couple of hours away, I left my name with the owner/operator as a reference for other people wanted to get married there.  This year I have been contacted by three couples who are interested in having me do their ceremony.  How cool is that? The kids are on vacation again, and we have been enjoying some beautiful weather.  On top of the usual responsibilities we are getting ready for a basketball team and an English teaching team to come in June.  We are trying to start packing and cleaning out, while also trying to keep the house clean for people who want to come look at it.  It's a juggling act.  Also we are getting ready for Lilia to start school in the States in August. Having said all that, I would like to insert here that I will be more faithful about keeping the blog updated, but to be honest, that is probably not going to happen until the month of August.  Angie, Lilia, and Arianna will be flying to the states to get Lilia settled in and I will be staying here with the boys.  Let me throw you a few random pictures. God bless, JASON
Angie has done some good work in her scrapbooking class that she gives.

We had an NBA evening for some boys from Caleb's basketball team.

Micah had a b-ball game near the meditteranean, Angie took some pics.

We had the Morales family, pastor in Barcelona come visit for a week, had a great time with them.