Monday, March 17, 2014

Sickness back

Well, we enjoyed being healthy for a while them it was over, at least for me.  Let me explain.  Things were going well, we finished off February and started March with a basketball game on Saturday afternoon.  It was a friendly game against a new club and I was really looking forward to playing in a game, as I have not played outside of practice matches since November.   I started out slow but got better in the second half, right when I sprained my ankle.  Yes, once again.  I will try to attach a video of the game, ending with my injury. 
I immediately started a daily routine of Ibuprophen and tired to stay off my feet.  The kids were on vacation the next two weeks and the weather was beautiful getting up to upper 60's low 70's everyday, with plenty of sunshine.  I was able to accomplish a lot of office work, since I was grounded.  I got our reports done, reworked the song book for the church in Carcassonne so more could be added easily.  Got our taxes done. 
Thursday was another game, but I did not play, and served as referee instead.  I did make it to the market Friday and enjoyed the nice temperatures and the crowds.  I met some people I have not seen in a while.  This past Monday is were things really got wierd.  Monday morning I woke up with fever, by Monday night it was up to 102.  Tuesday, I was completely out of it and started taking antibiotics.  Wednesday I finally ate a little something, and Thursday was back on my feet.  Ended up being a Urinary Tract Infection.  It knocked me off my feet, and kicked me a few times while I was down.  The doctor prescribed 10 days of antibiotics.  Normally, I'm not much for medicine, I usually ignore slight headaches and sleep off the worse ones,  stop antibiotics a few days early. . . .but not this time.  I am going to take all ten days.  This is my first UTI, and it "ain't no fun". 
The kids had a good time playing outside, and going to the parks.  Angie also took them for a picnic one day, where she took some cute pictures. Thursday was my first day to really get back to work, I took a fridge and table to a English couple who are going to be helping the church in Carcassonne for 6 months. I had a good meeting Friday morning at the AVF, and walked through the market afterwards, on the way met one of our old friends and talked for a while, and once arrived at the market was invited to have coffee with a couple I had not seen in a couple of months.  Friday night's Bible study went well.  There were 15 of us in all.  Afterwards we had a Birthday party for Lauren.  She turned 25 on Saturday.  We also had a picnic lunch together on Saturday and invited her over for supper.  Sunday after church, I attended the yearly business meeting of the church in Carcassonne.  I appreciate them allowing me to attend and always learn a lot, this time about the technical aspect of having a church in France, because it has to be registered. . .etc.   Today (Monday) I caught up on alot of office work and finally finished this blog.  God bless, JASON