Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Avis d'imposition

We received a letter from the real estate agent that said . . . actually we couldn't understand what it said. We knew it said we were rejected but we could not tell why. So we took it to the language school where . . . no one know what it meant. So finally we received a call from the agent. What is boils down to is the home owner has insurance that requires that the renters have an "avis d'imposition". That is a French tax paper stating the annual income of the person. No problem we say, we do we get it. Angie went to the office and asked about it. They said that they would need our tax papers for the last two years. Those are being sent to us and should arrive tomorrow. Angie forgot to ask while she was there how long it would take to receive the avis d'imposition. So hopefully when she goes with the paperwork tomorrow they will be able to get it to her right away. Not likely.
School is going well, mainly because the end is almost here. That does not mean that the homework load is any lighter unfortunately. I just realize that it has been a while since I included a quote from Micah. Here is one from today. I said to him, "I'll give you four or five more minutes to clean your room. He said, "I choose five." The picture is from when Micah's class went on a field trip to the woods. On the way back he was tired from all the running around. Angie, who went along with them, took this picture on the bus ride back. God bless, JASON

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Stacie said...

I would have chosen 5 too. :)