Monday, June 1, 2009

Scuba Diving

Lilia's French language teacher offered for her students, all of whom are foreign, to take part in an initiation to scuba diving (plongée) with a club that she is a part of at the local omnisports center. We are very thankful to her teacher for her thoughtfulness in offering the opportunity for Lilia to do this for free. Lilia had a great time with several of her classmates last Saturday. She said that it was fun and she really liked it. She had fun learning the hand signals to communicate underwater and retreiving the items from the bottom of the pool. The instructors were very patient with the kids and did a great job. First they fitted them with fins and a mask then taught them how to pop their ears (which is important for later on deeper dives), and then they taught them the hand signals. Afterwards they got started getting used to breathing with the mouthpiece and oxygen tank, which Lilia said hurt her mouth sometimes. Lilia was shivering most of the time because they weren't swimming just going up and down in the water. Finally in the end she got to swim underwater for a distance a few times but when she got out she was very grateful for the warm showers they had there. When all was finished Lilia received a Certificate of Baptism- how do you like that-Nothing religious about it, it was a certificate of immersion! -ANGIE

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