Monday, October 7, 2013

Two Birthday parties

Let me catch you up on the highlights of this past week.  Thursday the 26th was Angie's birthday. 

 I made he a baked potato cake.  You would have to know how much she likes potatos to understand.

Saturday,  we celebrated Micah's birthday party.  He had four friends over and they had a real good time playing together.  He likes fansy cakes.  So we made him a castle cake this year. 

 Services went well Sunday followed by a busy week.  Lilia sprained her ankle on the stairs at school Wednesday.  We had to see the doctor to get her a note to be excused from sports class at school.  The kids have been saying the cutest things lately.  Andrew said, "There was a girl in my class who was 9 years old, but then she got sick and turned 2 years old."  Arianna said once, "Everything I know, I know, I know, I know."  We had a good Bible study last night, 5 people came, and we had some real good discussion, and prayer time after the Bible study.  I hope for an equally good time tonight.  Guitar classes are going well, I am proud of my students, hopefully this is a result of a good teacher :) I will start the computer class this week.  Angie will soon be starting a ladies Bible study again.  We also have the possibility of helping start an association to help the poor, keep that in your prayers.  Hope you have a blessed week as well.  JASON

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