Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Lauren is getting settled in.  She is doing well in language school and is making better progress that I did after one week in.  Angie has enjoyed taking her shopping everywhere to help furnish her apartment.  Pictured above are some dishes that someone passed on for free. We have got her water turned on, and should soon have the electicity in her name.  She has her home phone and internet that should arrive soon.  Lilia started swimming last week.  Caleb is doing well in school, and so are Micah and Andrew.  Andrew is excited because he goes twice a week to swim during school hours.  Arianna is doing well also.  Yesterday she fell and hit her head on the playground, nothing serious, but the teachers were trying to understand what she was saying.  They said that she speaks to them real quietly and they have trouble understanding.  Her teacher invited Angie to come and speak to the class about America.  What a great opportunity!  Micah Celebrated his 9th birthday Friday night.  Just our family and Lauren were present.  His party will be this saturday.  Angie made a cake for him to take to school to share with his classmates.  I decorated it with his name. 
"The moose"

This week looks like it will be as busy as last week.  Monday morning, I spent in the office.  Monday afternoon, we went and registered for the AVF, ( accueil des villes francaises) the club that Angie attended french classes in last year, and we both have been attending this year.  I also volunteered  to teach a computer class, which they were VERY excited about.  This club is supposed to be all done by volunteers, but there was such a demand for someone to teach a computer class that last year they paid someone to teach briefly.  So they were happy to hear that I would be willing to do it for free, and in English and French.  Those classes will be Tuesday afternoon, and Friday evening.  Monday night, Bible study was cancelled because I had a basketball meeting to attend.  Our coach couldn't make it, so I went in his place.  It was nice because it followed Sunday nights game where France beat Lithuania for the European Basketball Championship.  Tuesday morning, Angie and I went to our AVF classes.  We are discussing the Cathares, a religious group that settled in this area during the 12 century, that was wiped out by the Catholics.  Tuesday afternoon, I worked in the office, while Angie and Lauren went shopping.  I picked the kids up and then went to a Doctors appointment for their physicals for sports.  Angie and Laurent got back in time for me to leave for basketball practice.  Today, I am working on this update, need to go check on the garden (we are still getting plenty of figs, I passed out 10 jars of fig preserves at basketball practice).  This afternoon, we are getting a visit from the pastor in Carcassonne who wanted to catch up with us, and with Lauren, that will be followed by basketball practice, and then Angie and Lilia's practice.  We need to find a time to go pick up a couch that Lauren bought.  So, I'd better finish this up and go check on the garden.  God bless, JASON

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