Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lauren's arrival

What happened to the last week and a half.  Last week was mainly consumed by the kids starting school.  We did a lot of washing cloths over the weekend to get ready.  School started well for everyone.  Lilia had already got her friends to get all her school work that she missed so she did not have much catching up to do.  Caleb started Junior High.  He is doing well.  It is a change for him because he is walking to school and home sometimes and he has to keep track of each class, change classes, and . . pretty much do everything by himself. 
 The younger three did a good job.  Micah is in a split class this year.  He has five kids his age and the rest of the class is a year younger.  They had to split his class because it was too big.  He has the same teacher as last year and being chosen to be moved means that he is a good student, which is a surprise to us.  Andrew is doing well.  He is having to adjust to doing more memory work, which he does not enjoy.  But he still loves seeing his friends as school. Arianna started school this year. 
 Arianna was fussy and wouldn't let go of Angie for the first few days, but then Daddy stepped in.  After shedding a few tears the first time, she has not fussed anymore.  She is doing well with the language and from what I can gather talking with her, they have learned some songs and play outside. 
We also had a project of making Fig preserves this year.  I have been hoping to have a good harvest to can some figs for giving away as gifts.  We have four fig trees in our back yard and have been getting a lot.  The kids have helped quite a bit. 

 We also were preparing for Lauren's arrival.  We were getting our house ready and well as visiting her apartment and gathering stuff for her.  People have been very generous and God had given a lot of stuff that we have been able to accumulate for her.  Lilia and I went to Toulouse to pick her up Saturday morning.  She arrived with her cat and all luggage in tow.  Saturday Angie and her went for a walk in Limoux.  Sunday we went to church and also found the language school in Carcassonne that she will be attending.  Monday she started language school, Angie took her because she also was helping a friend who had a MRI scheduled in Carcassonne that morning.  I was able to catch up on paperwork.  Monday afternoon we went with her to sign on her apartment and get insurance for it.  Monday night we had a welcoming party for her.  
Tuesday, Angie dropped her off at school again, because there was another doctors appointment for a friend in Carcassonne.  I attend our AVF meeting.  Angie was a part of the AVF last year, where she had a french conversation class. With all the kids in school, I have been able to attend this year with her.  They have asked me to speak one day about religion, which I have more that happy to do.  This afternoon, I have been in my study while Angie and Lauren got her banking set up and her internet and SIMM card.  It was nice last night helping Lauren with her homework.  It brought back good memories for me and Angie of our early days.  Looking forward to helping her progress in the language learning and watching as God blesses our ministries here in Limoux.  God bless, JASON 

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