Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My birthday went well. Lilia got a call from a friend inviting her to go swimming Friday evening. After she looked at tme with the big puppy dog eyes, I let her go. She had a wonderful time. Saturday I put together my Barbeque grill and even cooked some saucisses de Toulouse (Toulouse sausages)(pictured). They were excellent. We decided to purchase a gas grill in case the power goes off we will be able to cook and in winter we will have gas for heat. Saturday night Lilia realized that she had forgot a homework assignent, so we called her friend that she had went swimming with and her mother volunteered to copy the assignement and bring it over for us as a matter of courtesy because she knew Angie is expecting. We had a good visit with her mother for about an hour and we praise God for the opportunity to make this contact. Sunday services went well. In the afternoon I visited in the services of the other church in Limoux. They are an Assembly of God church that has been here for 27 years. They have about 50 membors and a nice meeting place. I was glad for the opportunity to meet the pastor, and as a common courtesy, to let him know that I was here. Monday morning we made our weekly shopping trip, and in the afternoon Angie went to her doctors appointment. Angie's blood pressure was still a little high and so the Doctor requested her return for more blood tests and for a extended blood pressure test. Tuesday, I took the car to the dealership to get the washer fluid pump replaced, while Angie got her blood tested. We met up and went to see an end of school dance presentation that Caleb's class and several others classes put on. Tuesday afternoon and evening I worked on the lesson for Thursday night and Angie went to the Bible Study in Carcassonne. Currently Angie is taking the kids to their swimming lesson, and the end of school party that will follow. Hopefully she will be able to make some contacts with people. I am preparing material now for my language session and soon I need to go work on lunch. It has rained the past four days and so I have not been able to use my grill again. I think it is supposed to clear up tomorrow. God bless, JASON

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