Monday, January 5, 2009

Snowy first day of school.

First day back at school today and it snowed all day long. It started just before we left, by days end there was a good three inches on snow on the ground. Of course the kids, and even us adults on occasion, had a wonderful time. It may last a couple of days, I will be sure to post pictures tomorrow. It is not supposed to get above freezing tomorrow, so maybe it will last a day or two. The first day went well for us. We didn't have to be there because this day is orientation for the new students, but we like to meet everyone and help out when we can. We helped get the lunch meal set up and after school, I went with another students to get some paper work translated. I took our driver's license to have them translated. After school, I let the kids play in the snow for a little and then we came home to hot chocolate. No homework yet, so a wonderful first day indeed. How about another Micah quote? After hearing a girl express a lot of things she knew about snow, you could see Micah's gears turning in his head, finally he said, "Well, see how fast I can run", and he took off. I gotta run as well. God bless, Jason

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