Monday, January 19, 2009

Looking to the next puddle.

Hello again. Our weekend went well. It was nice to have health returned to the family. Angie and I enjoyed our date night Friday. We went out and eat and then went to talk to several friends at the language school for a couple of hours. Our thanks goes to Katie and Michael who watched the kids and even put them to bed. Saturday we planned on going to see the circus animals. Massy has a huge international circus and it was announced at the language school that we could take the kids to see the animals on Saturday or Sunday. We went to find out that the announcement was false, it was the following weekend. We let the kids play in the park and headed home and let them watch a movie. Saturday night Andrew had a fever. The night passed slowly with several interruptions. I took the three older kids to church Sunday. Andrew seemed to be doing okay by Sunday night. I was noticing something that caught my attention Saturday while I was walking home with Andrew. He loves to stomp in the puddles. He walks with one hand holding on to the stroller and he knows not to let go. So, as we walk I dodge the puddles as best I can so that they are out of his reach. He tries stretching for them, but usually he passes by without success. The first puddle he missed he looked back at it after we passed long enough that he missed another puddle, but every other one following that he missed stomping in he would just look on to the next puddle. That impressed me. Several times I get caught looking back at the puddles I have passed (opportunities missed). It is possible to miss more opportunities because you get caught looking at the puddles behind you. Our time would be better spent looking at the puddle we can see in front of us, not the ones behind and not the ones in front of us that we can't see yet. Why does he continue to try for those puddles, because he remembers those times he gets to land in one. I was wanting to include in that illustration something about how when he stomps in one I get splashed as well, but I think I would be dragging the puddle illustration out a little too much. I received word this past weekend that a pastor friend of ours is going to be laying over in Paris a couple of days on his way to visit his missionary in Kenya. We look forward to that puddle. Attached picture is of Andrew after desert one night, another puddle he enjoyed. God bless, JASON

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