Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Attaché à la croix pour moi.

It has been a few days since we last wrote. Sunday at church the service went well. When they took the Lord's supper. This time they gave anyone a chance to say something in praise as a prayer that they are thankful to God for. I liked the idea and the responses gave us good things to think about.
Angie has stayed home the last couple of days with Micah and Andrew who have been a little sick. Last night we got a babysitter and got our picture for our driver's license that I will be going to get Friday (we hope). We also did a little shopping and stopped by McDonald's. I had seen an advertisement for a new burger the Big Tasty. It said that it had a taste of America. The advertisement worked because I wanted one. We picked one up, which Angie and I shared. It was good. Great sauce and cheese.
This morning I attended a funeral service for a friend, Siby (pronounced C.B.). I knew him as the elderly man who lived at Les Cedres. I spoke to him several times. He was quiet and in the last few months in bad health. He passed away and the funeral service was today. There were not a lot at the service at the crematorium, a few students, teachers and former students. I learned that he was from the Ivory Coast. He moved to France about 50 years ago. His family was Muslim and when he converted to Christianity they had no more to do with him. He lived alone at Les Cedres for over 40 years, working at the local grocery store (Cora) until retirement. In his younger years he would play ping pong with the other students. He was quiet about his past and some who had known him for years did not know much about him. A couple of former students spoke about him, a devotional was given and a little about his life. It was said during the Lord's supper he would always request the song "Attaché à la croix pour moi" (attached to the cross for me). We sang the song and closed in prayer. Everyone went forward and took a handful or rose pedals and tossed them on the coffin that was placed there for him.
After I got back home, I had my favorite meal of hot dogs, complete which chili (thanks to our church). Then I played a board game with Lilia, on the condition that she help me with my homework. Now am getting some paperwork done, preparing for our survey trip to Limoux at the end of February, and reports and stuff. I just read the report from Joel Cobbs who serves in Kenya. I have always admired and looked up to him. Years ago we were church members together. He has had a wonderful ministry in Africa. You can read his latest report at I'm sure it will be a blessing as it was for me.
Attached picture was taken at the nursery in the language school in June of last year, Andrew is the only one still there. He said goodbye to Adelaide (2nd from the left) just after Christmas. God bless, JASON

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