Friday, January 16, 2009

That's how it is.

I went this morning to get our driver's license exchanged. Thankfully a former student gave me a ride. It would have been a much longer trip. We got their early and didn't have to wait in line long. It went well, however I did not leave with a French license. They explained that the date of the Driver's license must be before the date of the Visa. So I must wait until we get a new visa (it expires Feb. 11). At least that is the idea now. You do not realize how easy you have it in the US until you move to a foreign country. The official Internet site gave no such information and no phone number to call to ask. I did find out that students can drive in the country while they are in school with their US driver's license. So we try again in a couple of months.
Micah is still coughing so Angie missed school all week. She was able to keep up with her homework and so there is not a lot of catch up work to do. Tonight a friend offered us a coupon for a free meal and free babysitting, so Angie and I are going to go out on a date. Finish off with a Micah quote. Yesterday morning, Micah's first words were, "Is it today?" God bless, JASON

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Stacie said...

That's pretty good. Hannah's always asking me if it's tomorrow.