Thursday, May 6, 2010


The last few days have been interesting to say the least. It rained all day Tuesday and most of the day Wednesday and is raining right now. Tuesday the power went off a few times during the day, so I started saving the Bible Study handouts that I was preparing. I had almost finished it Monday, but was still changing and adding some things on Tuesday. I knew that the power could go out any moment so I was saving it everytime I changed something. Wouldn't you know that power went out when it was being saved. Wednesday I tried to open the document and got an error. After an hour of working with it, I surrended to the fact that it was lost. I even downloaded an ASCII reader, the document in ASCII was all zeros. Wednesday the power was never on long enough for me to get restarted on it. It was kind of humerous later, because the power would always go out at the most inconvient time. Would you like some more examples? I thought you would. How about when it went out halfway into our microwave popcorn being popped. Yeah, we got 15 popped kernels out of that bag. How about right when you start clothes drying? Twice, right when I got the computer booted up all the way? Right when Angie sat down to read a book? Right when Andrew's Nintendo DS batteries went dead and it needed to be charged? I could go on and on. Right after we went and bought McDonalds because we had no power to cook it came back on. We enjoyed the day in spite of the electrical problems. So far today it has stayed on. I am trying to get the handout done for tonight and then get the lesson typed up, which I would have done Tuesday and Wednesday. I think I will add a sunny picture of some wildflowers:   God bless, JASON

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