Saturday, May 1, 2010

The first.

We are getting close to having a normal schedule. Thursday and Friday was spent getting more chores done around the house, as well as doing paperwork. While we were in the states I signed up for an online associates degree program in missions. I started doing some of the required reading, a book called Cross-cultural Servanthood which is very interesting. Lilia's class was part of a jazz concert in Limoux last night. I thought it went very well. They sang several songs, I will try to post some video clips later. We had planned on going on a small hike with some friends, but since it is raining we are going to go to their house instead. First I need to do some garden work. We bought some tomato and strawberry plants the kids are going to help me plant. I also need to get all the finances done and get my report finished. It is the first of the month. Attached picture is Caleb and Andrew on the long flight back to Europe. God bless, JASON

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