Monday, May 10, 2010

It's a girl!

The title says it all. THe announcement was followed by the delightful squeels of all the kids. They all discussed it yesterday and agreed that they wanted it to be a girl. I was not able to make it to the appointment, the Doctor was behind and so I had to get the kids. There came a downpour, but after we stopped by McDonalds to celebrate, we saw a nice rainbow on the way home. Doctor was surprised to discover that this will make Angie's fifth c-section. Being the fifth one, she wants to have the c-section three weeks before the due date, which will be the 2nd or third of September. Pictured is the sonogram, looking at the baby from the side. God bless, JASON


Cory Wayne's Brain said...

Awesome!!!! Congratulations my friend. Just one more girl left to even it all out!!!!

Stacie said...

Congrats, Jas!!! You're not the only one that can predict the gender. :) I told you she would be a girl.

The kids were excited that they were going to have another girl cousin. I think the girls were beginning to feel out numbered. :)

Tell Angie and your kids that we said, "Congrats!!!" Then explain what that means in French.

Love Y'all!!!

abainfrance said...

Thanks, and you are in luck, "congrats" is the same in French.