Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pajamas evening.

The Bible study went well again. We had four present not including our family. We had really good discussions after the lesson, good comments and good questions. I wish I spoke perfect french. Maybe I am just a little rusty, but it seemed like I mispronounced more words than normal. I am looking forward to starting next with with my language helper. Please pray for Cédrique, not only will he have a big task before him, but he will be hearing the gospel as well. Lilia was able to have her friends from the church in Carcassonne come over for a "soirée pyjama", a sleepover, or literally a pajama evening. I am glad that she is able to have other christian girls over. Their father is a plumber and gave some advice concerning our plumbing problems. He will stop back by this next week and see what more he can do. We are having a friend come over this afternoon and practice music together. Other than that, I am working on the Sunday school lesson for the older kids for Sunday Morning. Attached is a picture of Pajama evening coke floats (coke and ice cream), and a double rainbow that we saw this past week. God bless, JASON


Cory Wayne's Brain said...

A Pajama Soiree. Sounds fun :)

What would you say if woke up tomorrow and spoke perfect French? I'll pray for that, just to see how surprised it would make you :)

abainfrance said...

There would be a praise service like never before.