Friday, May 28, 2010


So it really has been a busy couple of days. Seriously. Wednesday I had a good session with my language partner. I had him explain a song to me. I have attached the song below. I like the song and music, but even thougth I knew the meaning to all the words, I could not get the meaning of the song. He explained it to me well.
Then Wednesday night, there was a little excitement. Storms had moved in and we heard some noises like there was a loose shutter beating against the house. Then we heard glass break and loud voices. We looked out the window and found that the neighbors double pane glass door was broken out. We turned off all the lights and listened quietly by the window to try and see what was going on. While there, Angie wanted to move closer to the window. She lost her balance kicking a metal trash can, leaned against the wall and turned the light on. It was hilarious.
Thursday, Caleb had no school because his teacher was on strike. We dropped the other kids off at school. Came back to the house and made invitations for a nieghborhood party (fête des voisins). The party will be Saturday at 6:30. We passed them out to all the neighbors except one that did not have a mailbox, picked up the kids for lunch. On the way back for lunch we stopped by and dropped off the last invitation, Angie had a good converstation with the lady. It was the same lady who stopped by last week asking about the cats. They talked for a while. Turns out that last night a young man stopped by her house with cuts on his arm saying that there were some crazy guys at our neighbors. He was the victim of the broken glass evidently. She said we should talk to our home owner because he is a police man and would know what to do in instances like those. She gave us several jars of jelly that she had made and invited us over sometime. She said she would have loved to come to the party, but this is her first weekend off in a while and so she is going to make a trip to Spain with her husband. Angie was really encouraged to have this contact. After lunch we dropped the kids off at school, made hair cut apointments for me and Caleb. Then we stopped by an association that has scheduled French language conversations. We then went back and got our hair cut. Then returned home. We received phone calls from the home owner and from a neighbor. The neighbor had called to say that she would not be able to come to the party because she jsut lost her husband. Then another neighbor stopped, who has been working on the garage enclosure, he said he and his wife would love to come. Then the plumber stopped by and said he would be there in the morning to fix the problem. We had supper and then bible study. There were 5 who came for bible study. We studied encouragement from Hebrews 12. It went well, the praise, study, and prayer time was great. I am praying that God will bless the party Saturday. It has already given us some contacts and we at least know that one couple will come. I am already encouraged.
Today Caleb is sick and staying home. We are trying to get things ready for tomorrow and looking forward to family night tonight. Attached is the video that I spoke of previously. The song is On s'attache by Christophe Maé (see on youtube). It was a number one hit in France a couple of years ago. God bless, JASON


Bro. Paul said...

The music sounds good. Is it a love song? What is it about?

abainfrance said...

I might classify as a love song. I do love the music, it's kind of fun. Essentially he is saying he is not like others, he wants a lasting relationship. Let me see if I can put it into words.
He is saying how he is not stylish, and doesn't want to be average. He is not integrated into the ideal genre. But he sense that people are staring,spying, at him. He is not against love, in fact he is for it. (Chorus) It shouldn't be when we are together it's like we poison ourselves, with an arrow that deludes our selves. When we are together we must inprison ourselves because nothing can impede us that we can't abandon. (2nd verse) I not the first in line, thats not my profile, but I don't like being questionned. I' mot James Bond, surrounded by pretty blonds, I also don't even those who butterfly (go from one relationship to another rapidly and randomly) I am not against love, I am just waiting my turn. (Chorus again). (Bridge) I'm leaving nothing out, the everyday, kills me, holds me back, hurts me. I don't want anything normal. But you sew yourself up with little threads everytime that you sneak in and overdo it. Who are you? You are not normal.
Ending - Love is beautiful. I awaiting my turn. After all I am just a man.

Giovanna said...

I had to laugh out loud when Angie accidently turned on the light while trying to be all discreet!
I've done that lots of times, trying to be quiet and end up making a ruckus! : )