Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kill them before they open their eyes.

This week has continued to be blessed. Sunday services went well. Sunday night we met a neighbor of ours, who was wanting to kill some kittens. Not as bad as it sounds, perhaps. She had seen a stray cat around that had just had babies and was wanting to find them to end their misery because she knew the mother would not be able to take care of them. She described how she planned on doing it. Awkward. She also said that she must do it before they open their eyes, because once they look at you it is too hard to do. Okay. Nice to meet the neighbors. Monday and Tuesday passed well. I spent a part of both days getting pictures together to print. Leclerc is having a promotion on prints, and so we are going to get some pictures printed so Angie can do some scrapbooking. Lesson is about halfway done for the bible study. I have not heard from my language helper who said he would call today. I hope to hear from him. Yelena will be coming over this evening for supper and to practice music. Last night we lost track of time, which seems easy to do here. We got home with the kids and they played outside some, while we staightened up and started supper. It ended up being 7:00 before we started eating. It worked out okay since the kids did not have school on Wednesdays, but I missed the bible study in Carcassonne. We are still dealing with plumbing issues and I need to go to the store tomorrow to pick up some more items to deal with it. It is supposed to be 75 degrees tomorrow, which I am looking forward to. Attached is a picture of our cherry tree which is producing several ripe cheries a day. I am going to wake Angie up from her nap. Wish me luck :) God bless, JASON

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