Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Number 1 song of all time.

Saturday the weather cleared enough for us to go on a walk with our friends. We had a really good time, the kids loved it. Along the trail they have restored huts that shepherds used made completely out of rocks. The kids loved entering each one. Services went well Sunday at the church in Carcassonne. It was good to see everyone. The pastor preached a good message from the Song of Solomon. It is probably the third time in my life that I have heard a message from this book of the Bible, even though it is labeled as the greatest song or the song of songs. My father is writing his Doctoral Thesis on this book, you can read his prospectus by clicking here. I am looking forward to reading it when he is finished. After the services we enjoyed a meal together and had some real good fellowship. Yesterday and today, I have been working on the lesson for the Bible Study this Thursday. I am looking forward to it. The weather has turned cold this week. It was 40 degrees (F) when I went to bed last night, in May. It has been raining for a few hours now. . . okay, I'm back, it is about 20 minutes later. Unbeknownst to you the power went out so the computer went off. It seems to do that occasionally. As I was saying, it is snowing outside now. Big flakes are falling and the temperature is 38 degrees, in May. Wow. We are currently under Alert Orange, which is a weather warning. If it is moved to Alert Red, then they shut down the roads and you will not be allowed to drive, in May. I attached a picture of the snow, you may have to click it and see ir larger to be able to see the snow. Also is a picture of Lilia's concert. I'm not sure if it would rank close to number one, but a cute sing none-the-less. God bless, JASON

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Cory Wayne's Brain said...

So let me see if I hear what you're saying: It's snowing.....IN MAY!!!!?????