Thursday, May 13, 2010

Break time.

The past few days have been a little different. Last week we had trouble with the electricity, now we have been having plumbing problems. It has been draining slower and slower, but Tuesday it stopped draining completely. I bought a snake and crawled under the house and did what I was supposed to (I will not go into a large amount of detail for those with weak stomachs). It has gone back to working slowly now. The only problem is that our washing machine has to be drained into a bucket, because the drain can't keep up. I just have to keep an eye on the bucket and empty it halfway through. If our snake had been longer it might have solved the whole problem, but I bought the longest one available. We called a plumber but have not heard back from him. Since it's a holiday today I think that everyone is taking a break. While I was at the store I was able to help a man from England who didn't speak French solve some issues with his bank card. It reminded me of those early months in France, when we had no clue what anyone was saying. The weather has gotten cooler again, it is supposed to get down to 40 degrees tonight. I am ready for the Bible Study tonight. I think we should have our normal crowd. I am excited about the future of the work in France. My parents have purchased their tickets and plan to be here the first two weeks in September. I am already looking forward to seeing them, showing them around the area, and introducing them to our friends we have been able to minister and fellowship with these past nine months. Tomorrow I think that we will take the kids to see a movie and Lilia is supposed to have two friends come over to spend the night tomorrow. It was supposed to have been for this evening but the older sister was gettting over a slight sickness. Attached picture is of the kids playing Ouistiti at our friend's house last Saturday. Enjoy your day. God bless, JASON

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